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For Your Consideration: Immigration Solutions

Contributing Writer

For the Nation to come to some sort of a rational solution to the problems related to illegal immigration, our representatives will have to put aside the question of how it is going to benefit their political parties, or the special interest groups that have supported them during their election, they will have
to come to the realization that it is the protection and stability of the nation that is important.
Since 1986 our representatives have failed to address this problem, because they continue to view it from a personal perspective, they need to view it as a problem related to the survival of the nation’s sovereignty.
Our elected representatives are too busy trying to wrap their motivation in a humanitarian cloak for the public’s consumption, but their reasoning is full of holes, which belies their suggested intent.
There is one point that should be discounted at the start and that is the fence concept that is continually being presented to the public, there are too many ways around this solution and it does nothing at all to address the illegal immigrants already in the country.
All individuals that are in this country should be able to present documentation that proves their identity; enforcement does not have to take the form of a police state, where the individual is asked for their identification while walking down the street.
There are a number of times during the year that a person is asked for their identification, it may be a traffic violation, starting a bank account, cashing a check, getting married, voting, receiving a product that has an age restriction, or applying for some federal or state program.
This concept should be extended to applying for a job that requires an employer to withhold taxes or any other withholdings that are required by the Federal government or the state.
All choke points that a person goes through in the normal course of day to day activities should require identification, there should be no reason to stop a person just walking along a street, or sitting on a park bench, there are more than enough opportunities to request an individual’s proof of identity without turning the process into a police state tactic.
It’s doubtful that there will be many individuals that will slip through this system for more than a couple of years, if they do then
there’s a high probability that they are not putting any burden on our system and their actions are a lot less questionable than many of our citizens.
The identifications that are issued should be tamper proof and all information should be checked out thoroughly before a card is issued to the individual; this process need not be done all at one time, which would put a needless strain on the government agency that is responsible for conducting this program.
In all probability eighty percent of the population already has some form of identification that would enable them to receive a standard ID card.
There are some conditions that need to be applied with the issuance of an identification card, if an individual is found to be using another person’s information that person should be barred from ever applying for citizenship or working under a visa in this country, this would also apply to a person having committed a crime above a given level, and employers should receive a heavy penalty if they fail to authenticate an employee’s status.
These restrictions should also apply to individuals that have been given citizenship, which means that an individual’s citizenship can be revoked.
All these actions can be applied over a period to time when the opportunity presents itself; there is no need to try and deport thirty million illegals all at once, this argument is just a ploy that opponents of fixing this problem use to dissuade Congress from taking any action.
The government has the technology to issue functional ID cards if there is a real desire to resolve the illegal immigration problem. There are a number of other problems that need to be addressed, most of these are related to anchor babies; this area is rather complex and deserves a high degree of attention, given the length of time that our Congress has failed to address this problem. One thing is certain, control of individuals coming into this country must be applied first, and once this is accomplished the nation can start to address the other problems related to immigration, this suggests that Congress should not make any recommendations relate to immigration until the government has established the suggest internal controls.