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For Your Consideration: Camelot

Contributing Writer

King Arthur had the center of his kingdom’s seat in Camelot, the capital was supposed to be a place where truth, beauty, and goodness was the hallmark of the kingdom, granted Camelot was a legend, but the fable had some interesting concepts for the period. The time period that this legend was supposed to represent was long before our Nation was established, but one could imagine that our Founders intended to create a paradigm that would express the higher aspects of man’s characteristics, but instead of the rule by nobility, the nobility was to be expressed by the common man.
It would appear that the Founders had more faith in the common man than was justified; their blueprint was good, but the material was flawed.
The Nation has established a Camelot, it’s called Washington D.C., but instead of developing a system where the common man is expressing nobility, we have established nobility within the arena of our political representatives, and the two clans that are fighting to control the Nation are the Democrats and the Republicans, and it’s beginning to look like the clans are about to crown a king. Is it inevitable that man will continually return to a system of governance that eventually leads to a dictatorship?
Washington D.C. is the nation’s Camelot, and the surrounding six counties are provinces that are attached to Camelot; the proof of this is the fact that the highest concentration of wealth is within these confines, and it is one of the few areas in the nation that have not experienced a recession.
The area is populated by barons, dukes, and other peers of the monarchy, being cloistered in this environment has made it almost impossible for our rulers to empathize with the plight of the common man, but they continually imply that they feel our pain.
One has to question their sincerity given the fact that they have set up programs that shelter themselves form most of the legislation that we serfs are required to follow under penalty of law.
Where our Camelot differs from the legendary example is the lack of beauty, truth, and goodness, what has replaced these qualities is corruption, deceit, abuse, and thievery; are these qualities really a reflection of the human species?
It is too demoralizing to accept these negative attributes as being the dominate attributes of the species’ psychological makeup, if these attributes are not the dominate motivators within most individuals; another explanation should be sort out.
Again, it was our Founders
that had the answer, but the electorate has failed to heed the Founding Fathers’ warning when they suggested that government should be limited and decentralized. It would appear that one of the problems with people in a leadership position is that many of these individuals seem to think that they have all the answers and want to direct others to perform in a given manner; this type of behavior has a tendency to limit exploration and the potential for limiting advancement. It is not too late for the United States to get back to the basics that were laid out for us by the Founders; the course the nation is on is going to lead to the downfall of the nation, that’s a fact that has been proven time after time. Limit government before it’s too late, the President’s actions are diametrically opposed to our Constitution, all three branches of the government are ignoring the Constitution that they have sworn to protect and defend, and a representative that does not live up to his or her oath should be removed from office. Think before you go into the voting booth on the 6th of May.