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For Your Consideration: Leaving The Establishment

Contributing Writer

Over the centuries the political parties have moved away from the principles that the Founders set forth in the Nation’s Constitution, this is not a totally unexpected development given man’s propensity to dominate his environment, this includes other individuals in the environment; the Founders were well aware of this aspect in man and attempted to protect an individual’s right to self-determination, while still maintaining a reasonable degree of stability, so as to prevent anarchy.
A society can devolve into anarchy in two ways; the first is having too many controls, or a dictatorship that is resisted by the populace, or by having insufficient controls to maintain a stable society.
The Founders were intent on maximizing the individual’s freedom, and minimizing the government’s control over the individual, because the political environment is in continual flux, which is the result of the various pressures from a variety of factors inside and outside a given society’s environment, it is extremely difficult to establish a stable equilibrium between the two goals that the Founders set for our nation.
One thing should be apparent to any individual that has a basic understanding of the Nation’s Constitution, is the fact that both political establishment parties are taking the nation further away from the original intent of our Founders.
The problem that this presents for the electorate is that it is extremely difficult to establish a new party in the current political environment, so the only logical option is to co-opt one of the two political parties that have a history of being somewhat compatible with the general principles outlined in our Constitution, it would appear that a good portion of the electorate feel the Republican Party is the best , candidate for a transformation that is more in harmony with the Founders intent, but it would be a mistake to think that a true conservative has anything in common with the established Republican Party’s basic principles, the establishment has moved away from its original principles, it is those principles that the new Republicans are trying to bring back.
It appears that both established parties are losing adherents, this fact is evident by the growth of independents and uncommitted voters, but there are still a large number of electorates in both parties that have not dropped their affiliation with their respective party. Both parties are aware of this dissatisfaction, but they are playing down this dissatisfaction in hopes of influencing various portions of the electorate that they still maintain power in the political arena.
It’s becoming clear to an increasing number of the electorate that the established political parties are more interested in enhancing their power, and are not concerned with the individual’s freedom, or in following the principles found in our Constitution; this is what makes the truly conservative Republicans incompatible with the establishment, regardless of the Party designation.
With the growth of this new breed of representative, there is also a growth in understanding in the general population of how they have been manipulated for generations, and just what has been taken away from them.
In some ways one has to give credit to the current President for showing just where these establishment parties are taking the country, the only real difference is in where the ultimate power ends up, and it is not in the hands of the individual in either case, which is the intent of our Constitution.
The electorate should not delude themselves that these changes can be made in one or two elections, even though the Republican Party will try and convince the electorate that the job is finished if a Republican President is elected in 2016, there are too many benefits for the politically protected elite to give up their endgame goal.
One area in our society that is going to need special attention is our educational system, there is not enough attention paid to reason and questioning the policies that the government has heaped upon our society over the past generation; the best initial approach to this problem is to have a variety of charter schools, or schools that are not directed by the government, especially the Federal Government. It is not too late for the electorate to educate themselves in the methods used by institutions to influence their behavior; an old dog can learn new tricks.