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For Your Consideration: U.S. Constitutional Advantage

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Americans appear to be continually blind to the beauty of their Constitution, one aspect that has not been given enough attention is the fact that the Constitution is designed to maximize the individual’s freedom, as long as that freedom does not deny other’s their freedom; this advantage may seem to be of little advantage to our economic system, but that view would be very shortsighted.
This fact has been lost because our elected officials would rather use their positions to enhance their power; they have accomplished this by picking winners and losers, which is counter to the basic principle of true capitalism. If the politician were denied this ability to manipulate the economic environment, no nation could hold a candle to the economic growth of the nation, because no organized structure that depended on a centralized bureaucracy could react rapidly enough to keep up with the number of variables that are in continual flux in a true capitalistic system.
This fact has been ignored because it would require the establishment to give up power that has been established by many of the institutions within our society, both inside and outside of government.
Just paying attention to this one aspect of our Constitution would go a long way in getting the Nation back to the basic principles in our founding documents.
There has been an opinion presented recently that an amalgamation of economic power involving China and Russia would completely overwhelm our economic system, this is a true statement only because our elected officials have continually failed to follow the prime law of the Nation, the Constitution.
This denigration of the Nation’s Constitution cannot be attributed to any one administration or political party, but the dissolution seems to have gained velocity during this Administration’s term.
A larger portion of the electorate are starting to become very concerned with the actions of the government, as they become more aware of the principles outlined in the Nation’s Constitution; this concern is valid , given the deterioration of the nation’s economy and political standing in the world.
One may conclude that there is a total lack of understanding of the U.S. Constitution; it would appear that this shortcoming is also present in a large portion of our elected officials.
It seems reasonable that every elected officials should be able to express the general principles of the U.S. Constitution and the constitution of the state they are representing, then maybe they would know what they were swearing to when they took their oath of office; this would allow the electorate to impeach them for perjury when they ignored the documents that our laws should be
based on. It’s abundantly clear that many of our representatives do not know what our Constitution stands for, or the history of how the Nation was formed, given some of the remarks that are made in public.
It might behoove the electorate to take a self-directed crash course in basic economics, and the general principles that are presented in the U.S. Constitution before they step into the voting booth again.
Maybe if our public educational system wasn’t so inclined to support the corrupt political system over the past generations, the Nation would be closer to the goals the founders envisioned for this nation.
If the electorate really wants the serfdom that they have been voting for, just open one or two more doors, and you will have arrived at your destination.