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For Your Consideration: A Sanctioned Invasion

Contributing Writer

The United States is being invaded; this invasion is being directed towards the Nation’s territory, and the very documents that are the foundation of our country.
The invasion is being condoned and supported by the very representatives we have elected to represent us at various levels in government.
The current administration has given more support to this invasion than any previous administration, the support is not restricted to the expansion of illegal immigrants into the country it includes the dissolution of the Constitution due to the lack of adherence to the basic principles that are imbedded in the Constitution.   
It’s important to have citizens that are well grounded in these basic principles if this invasion is to be repelled. The main principle is to give the greatest freedom to the individual, while still maintaining social order, not to a group, class, or political organization.
The second important principle is that government should be limited in its scope and size, addressing only those items that can’t be addressed at lower levels. The third principle is that all individuals shall receive equal treatment under the law.
The fourth and final principle is to acknowledge that each of the fifty states have their own individual sovereignty, this last principle appears to be a lost concept with many representatives when they are sent to the U.S. Congress. 
These four principles are the keystones of our Constitution, and if the citizenry applied these principles to our government today, they would find that the nation is moving away from these basic principles with each passing day.
Given the actions that the Federal Government has taken over the generations, it’s difficult not to conclude that there is a clear effort to negate the basic principles that our Founders placed into the documents that outlined the direction the Nation was to take.
It would appear that some individuals are incapable of limiting their power of control over their fellow man; this tendency has become very apparent during this administrations tenure. The inability of the electorate to grasp the basic principles of the Nation’s Constitution and their lack of understanding of how they are being manipulated by the political establishment is a clear reflection on the nation’s public educational system.
The Federal Government has given the electorate sufficient reason to question its use of power, or more precisely, its misuse of power. Our government is not concerned with the individual’s wellbeing; it’s concerned with its accumulation of control over the individuals that it’s supposed to serve. If the electorate thinks that our society is going to be better off by allowing the Federal government to resolve the Nation’s problems, they are in for a big surprise.
Politicians have been telling the electorate that voters just don’t understand how government works, citizens are beginning to understand, and they don’t like it.
The number of people that are dissatisfied with the treatment they are receiving as opposed to the special interest groups is growing
rapidly, they are beginning to learn that the promises made by their representatives are just shallow rhetoric, similar to many of their campaign speeches.
North Carolina is rapidly approaching its May 6th primary election; one can only hope that the electorate is will informed and not susceptible to the propaganda that is employed by a majority of the political candidates.
Will the electorate finally send a clear message to the President, and the establishment political system that they do not want the “Fundamental transformation” they are imposing on the nation?