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For Your Consideration: Clueless

Contributing Writer

There is still a sizeable portion of the electorate that doesn’t understand what they are losing as a result of the actions that our government has been taking over the past generations, for the most part the government’s actions have been covert, but the government has become so confident of its position that these actions have grown to be more overt.
This is going to be viewed as a critical period in the Nation’s history, because it may be the last opportunity the electorate will have an opportunity to reestablish what our Founders gave us, but in order to accomplish this the electorate will have to step back and take a realistic view of what the government has been doing to destroy the document that is supposed to represent the basic principles behind all the laws being put forth by the Congress and how they are to be enforced or carried out.
To understand how government should function, the electorate needs to go back to the original Constitution and the basic principles imbedded in this document.
The original document is a critical point, because there have been efforts to change or modify the basic principles almost since the inception of the Nation, and many of the laws that were passed did not comply with the basic principles in the Constitution.
The changes that were made in the early days were few and subtle, but as time passed they became more frequent and more obvious, now there isn’t even an effort to hide the intent by most of our elected officials to dissolve the founding document.
The current President even campaigned on the fact that he viewed the Constitution as being too limiting on the power of the Administrative Branch of government,  a good portion of the electorate failed to heed this warning sign and how his’ view would impact the Nation.
This failure to pay attention to the position that the current President holds has taken the Nation to the point that states are on the verge of losing their sovereignty, and laws are being passed that do not conform to the basic principles in the Constitution, the result is a continual loss of the individual’s freedom, and a rapid growth of the Federal government.
The government has succeeded in indoctrinating portions of the electorate into accepting serfdom, leaving them totally clueless of this fact; regrettably, it would appear that this condition is acceptable to this sector of the population.
The electorate has become confused due to all the machinations being performed by both political parties and the various institutions that are involved in this effort to setup a class system, up to this point the government establishment, and the various agencies aligned with the government  have been successful because they have managed to divert the electorate’s attention, it’s time to expose the methods that they employ, having once done this the electorate will be able to negate their efforts by not voting for candidates utilizing these tactics. The following is a list of actions that should be of help: The electorate should stay clear of candidates that suggest the established political party should show unity in all aspects; contributions should be made to the individual candidate, not to the political party; avoid candidates that receive major contributions from special interest groups; discount a candidate that talks in generalities and uses emotive rhetoric, while failing to present his position on a subject; avoid candidates that present projects that will require an expansion in government and/or taxes.
This means that the electorate will have to get involved in the electoral process, especially in the primary phase, don’t wait until the general election to get involved.
The power belongs in the hands of the individual not in the hands of some special interest group, or radical mob.
The whole point of our Constitution was to give the individual the freedom to attain whatever he or she wanted, as long as it did not infringe on another individual’s rights.
The individual is expected to accept responsibility for his or her actions, and not look to be bailed out by the government; this same general rule applies to corporations and organizations.