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For Your Consideration: Grass Roots

Contributing Writer

It would appear that the general public cannot rely on the national media or the political pundits to properly portray the unrest that has been labeled the “Tea Party”, this misunderstanding was the misinterpretation by the media of a comparison that Rick Santelli of CNBC had made in reference to the Boston tea party, the media took the name, but failed to associate the actions with the dissatisfaction of the colonists under the rule of King George III.
The comparison was correct, but the association to any political party was incorrect, the central point was missed by the political pundits and the media, and is still
being misrepresented to this day, what the electorate is expressing is a dissatisfaction with the representation that they are receiving from the representatives that are sent to Washington D.C. or to their state capitals.
Without getting too complicated for the political pundits and the two establishment political parties, this grass roots movement has nothing to do with any political party, it has everything to do with many of the basic principles that are imbedded in the U.S. Constitution, which have become woven into the basic fabric of the nation’s culture, something that both political parties have been trying to eliminate, but fortunately it is utilized as blocking mechanism by both parties when they are trying to gain an advantage over the party in power, this tends to keep the Constitution alive, but it become more indistinguishable with each passing generation.
There’s no need to invent another political party, there is a real need to get the electorate to understand the Constitution and to elect representatives that will apply those basic principles to their decision making processes, this is something that neither political party wants to
see because it would mean a reduction in the power of both parties, while enhancing the individual’s ability to control his/her own destination.
Our government has replaced King George, and a large portion of the population do not feel that they are being represented by their elected officials, but this feeling is so defused that many citizens can’t organize the basic responses needed to express their dissatisfaction, they center on specific acts and miss the underlining element to the problems that are bothering them, this inability to organize one’s thoughts in a consistent logical manner is being helped along by the nation’s educational system.    
The “Tea Party” is not dead, it never existed, this label may have been attached to this defused emotion to distract the electorate from putting some real thought into the real problems
within the current system, the manipulators even went a step further by suggesting that this was a conservative movement, which tended to muddy the waters even more, because there is no clear definition for the term.
The media and both political parties are ecstatic over the alleged death of the “Tea Party”, but the movement is still there, it may have some impact on those individuals that bought into
the media and establishment’s depiction of the situation, but the movement will continue with a clearer understanding of the problem.
There is a term that could be applied to those individuals that are experiencing this defused frustration, a “Constitutional Conservative”, but that is not a party, it is a philosophy that our nation was foundered on, which has a number of complex principles that must be viewed as being interconnected, and needs to be viewed in its entirety if correct actions are going to be applied. If this approach is taken the current political parties would have a difficult time suggesting that this approach was unreasonable, since all our representatives have taken oaths to protect and defend the Constitution.
Many of the amendments that are now a part of the Constitution would not have been approved if all the basic principles were applied to them, but this is true for a host of laws that are continually being applied at all levels of government.
The electorate has become so confused that it is almost impossible to get a clear logical trend of thought out of them, and this state in being perpetuated by the very government that is supposed to be serving us, the individual. The electorate needs to continue the fight, but with a clearer understanding of what is needed, and without creating another political party, which will only generate additional bureaucracies.