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For Your Consideration: Confused and Dysfunctional

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Viewing the various functions and actions of the government and the populace is apt to send a rational viewer into a state of total bewilderment, contradictions and dysfunctional behavior have been a part of every society, but it appears that the frequency and intensity are reaching levels not seen in our society before.
The verbiage that is employed by the government, politicians, and the populace do not match up with the actions of these various groups. The Nation is currently going through its primary elections, the electorate has expressed its dissatisfaction with many of their elected representatives, but the turnout in North Carolina was only about sixteen percent (16%), given this attitude one would have expected a much higher turnout.
The turnout was only one part of the problem; the other part was the number of polling stations that were open for early voting, this placed an additional cost on the State, which added to the financial burdens already being experienced.
Given the dismal voter turnout, it may be time to consider making a further reduction in the number of days that are set-aside for early voting, one may even question the reduction in voter participation if a voter identification card was required. It is very discouraging listening to all the grumbling prior to an election, and then to have such a poor turnout during the election.
One would hope that this disconnect with reality would be limited to one or two segments of our society, but it would seem this condition is running through every institution in our society, this tends to suggest that our society is becoming somewhat psychotic, this may not be the correct diagnosis, but it’s clear that there is little consistency of rational thought, which tends to produce outcomes that don’t match up with reality.
This behavior is having a very negative impact on the Nation’s relationships with other nations, we are losing our standing in the world, and this degradation of our influence has come about rather swiftly as a result of this administration’s actions, this loss of confidence will require major policy changes to reclaim the trust that the Nation once held.
This loss of trust is not restricted to our relationship with other nations; it has been growing rapidly within our society between the government and the populace, and lacking the ability to hold individuals or agencies responsible for their actions, it is likely to continue grow into the foreseeable future.
It’s irrational to expect any serious productive changes that would enable the Federal government to perform its’ duties in a responsible manner. 
It boggles the mind when one considers how the electorate continues to accept the Federal government’s assurance that it can handle a program better than the private sector, at least the private sector can be held accountable, and a participant can move to another private sector provider of a service.
A good example of what is wrong with the thinking of the general public is the acceptance of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in light of what is happening with the Veterans Administration (VA), the actions being taken by the VA should send a warning to the populace that the public can expect the same kind of service form the ACA program, there is no evidence that this program is going to be conducted differently.
If the electorate does not find this contradiction confusing and dysfunctional, then one can only conclude that the Nation has become dysfunctional, which proves that the government’s indoctrination program is functioning at a very effective level, this may be an indication that the government can accomplish something if it’s to the government’s advantage.