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For Your Consideration: Life’s Great

A comment was made by the Speaker of the House, that “life’s great” , this is being made during a time of growing debt, higher unemployment, reduction in expendable incomes, and business closures, this list could go on, but the reader should get the point. It’s clear that most of our elected officials are looking at the state of our nation from a very different perspective than a majority of the wage earning public, that are not tied into the Federal workforce . It has been suggested that about fifty-percent (50%) of the population is receiving a good part of their support from the government, there are some categories contained in this number have earned this support as a result of contractual agreements with the government, but there is a growing number of people that are being placed into categories that these categories were not originally intended to cover. There have been a number of economists that have warned the government and the populace that the current conditions are unsustainable, but the Federal government and the media continues to manipulate the numbers to make it appear that the economy is improving, but even an individual with only a rudimental knowledge of economics should know that the government and the media has been misleading the general public.
The Federal government has become more interested in maintaining the establishment, which includes a wide range of agencies, all of which are inclined to expand their numbers and span of control over every aspect of the individual’s life, the end result will be a loss of sovereignty for each of the individual states. The Federal government continually ignores the basic principles outlines in the Nation’s Constitution; one would expect the states and/or the general public to do something to prevent this progression towards a dictatorship. The government at all levels has lost its way, it would appear that the new mission is to control, not to serve, the prime emphasis is no longer to enhance the freedom of the individual, and due to a lack of education the general public is unable to discern this obvious truth. The Federal government’s influence over the educational system needs to be abolished; the government is not educating individuals, its indoctrinating them, and this indoctrination has continually expanded the range of ages, and the methods utilized for indoctrination have broadened and increased in efficiency.
It is difficult to see how the average person would fail to see how the shift in power has been moving over the generations, when it’s plain to see that government is gaining more power, while the individual is losing more freedom. The government is not held responsible for anything that it does, but the individual is held responsible for the slightest infringement. Politicians have been making promises for generations, but those promises are seldom kept, and yet the electorate continues to put these very same politicians back in office, talk about dysfunctional behavior!
When things start to fall apart, it will not be the politicians or the one per-centers that will suffer; it will be the average person that is not tied into the Federal government’s structure. All the actions that are being taken to enhance the working class are doing everything but that, while the upper one per cent are getting stronger, just take a look at some of the mergers that are being allowed to go through, with the blessing of the Federal government. The past practices has been to discourage monopolies, because they tend to squelch competition, but this position is not held by the current administration, especially since some of these mergers are being made by friends of the administration. The electorate is behaving like a bunch of lemmings that are moving to their own destruction, with no clue as to what is happening; just keep listening to the music.