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For Your Consideration: Buying Elections

Contributing Writer

Massive amounts of money are poured into every election, and the general consensus is that money can influence the outcome of an election, but what does this say about the electorate?
Most people pride themselves in being intelligent independent thinkers, but the results of our elections would suggest that this may not the case with those that vote in elections; this conclusion cannot be verified, because the turnout for most of our elections is less than fifty percent (50%) of the registered voters, so one may conclude that most of the intelligent independent thinkers failed to vote, but then one would have to question the intelligence of the individuals that failed to cast a vote for a representative that would have a major impact in so many areas of the individual’s life.
It is difficult to understand how people could take the selection of a representative so lightly given the impact that these elected officials have on almost every aspect of one’s life, especially since the scope of government’s involvement appears to continually grow, and the fact that with government’s involvement there is a corresponding growth in the government’s bureaucracy, consequently a greater demand for taxes to support that growth. 
Given these simple truths it’s hard to understand how any rational person would fail to put in the time and effort to sort the wheat from the chaff, again we come back to the conclusion that the general populace is not comprised of intelligent independent thinkers.
This inability does not mean these individuals are ignorant, but it does mean they have not received enough basic training in the area of critical evaluation and analyses, this training is essential if the individual is intent on a self-directed education.
It would appear that the educational system does not consider this to be a very important element in its curriculum, are the powers that be afraid that the general public will realize that they are being manipulated by the system that is in place?
It would be prudent to show some real concern for the lack of training in this area of education, but that would require our educational system to revamp large portions of its curriculum, because there would be too many inconsistencies in what they are now teaching.
One essential element of critical thinking is to never assume that the information that is being utilized is correct even when it appears to match up with what one believes to be fact, there has to be a consistency of agreement with the information that one is working with, too often the individual’s attention is distracted, and they fail to realize the inconsistencies that are piling up in their thinking, the species is moving back into the dark ages without realizing it.
The voting public should start to notice how they are being manipulated, one aspect that has disturbed some voters is the electioneering signs that are put out during almost every election, the signs give the name of the candidate, the party, and the office, but tell little else, and clearly the candidate is counting on name recognition; this approach is counting on a conditioned response to the name when seen on the ballot, but it also says something about the attitude of the candidate towards the electorate, he or she is counting on the voter to go to the polls and vote on name recognition. The electorate will continue to get the same representation that they have gotten for generations if they don’t learn how to evaluate the candidates, the information that can be gleaned from most candidates relates more to their opinion of the electorate, and it would appear that most voters don’t mind being viewed as simpletons by the candidates that are vying to represent them in government. It’s extremely difficult to gather enough information on a candidate to make a reasonably decent evaluation of the candidate, that is due in part to the media’s coverage of the candidates, and the media’s lack of objectivity does not help. 
The electorate needs to train themselves to be critical when taking in information from prospective candidates, there is more than enough information being produced by a variety of sources that are designed to help the politician reach his or her reward, but that same information can be negated if the electorate uses it as a guide to block the manipulative tactics, get ready for the next election now.