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For Your Consideration: Responsible Parties

Contributing Writer

It can be both interesting and frustrating to analyze the polls that are presented by the media, too frequently they are designed to give an impression, but they seldom represent the true position of what they are measuring.
One aspect that is very interesting is the ratings given for the President and the U.S. Congress, the rating for Congress are in the teens, while the President’s are in the forties.
These polls are then used to suggest a certain position, but it’s never made clear how this position were arrived at with the cited poll. It would not be farfetched to suggest that most of the respondents to these polls know very little about how government works or what forces are in play in this administration, suggesting that these polls are designed to influence the general public, and have little to do with presenting useful information. 
The President has frequently suggested that he would go-around Congress if it did not give him what he wanted, which he has backed up on a number of occasions with the actions he has taken. It’s bewildering to view the outcome on most polls that deal with a comparison between the President and Congress, given the fact that the President has had a free hand in almost everything he has wanted to do, even if it meant ignoring the laws passed by Congress, it’s only fair to say that the Speaker of the Senate, a Democrat, and the Attorney General, appointed by the President, have been major contributors to the President’s programs by blocking any bills that the House had introduced to block the President’s actions.
To this point we have three governmental bodies that have contributed to most of the problems that are on the nation’s docket, the President, the Senate, and the Attorney General, but the House, which is controlled by the Republican Party, is not off the hook.
The Republican Party appears content to sit back and allow the country to go further into debt, and accept the massive contractions that many of our small industries are going through as a result of the policies initiated by the administration.
The Republican Party is either unable or unwilling to formulate a position that would get the electorate behind any action that might correct or reduce the impact that the government’s actions are having on the Nation’s well being.
When one looks at the understanding that the average person seems to have of how government is supposed to function, and the lack of objectivity in the media, it’s somewhat understandable why there is a hesitancy to take any action that might hurt the Republican’s Party’s chances of gaining more seats in the Senate, but they can be held responsible for not acting correctly in the past to ensure that the electorate received an education that would enable them to evaluate the problems that we face on a continual basis.
This paragraph covers the last four responsible groups that are accountable for the current conditions, the Republican Party, the media, the educational system, and the electorate.
It’s difficult to say what portion of the electorate is either incapable or unwilling to put forth the effort to understand what is going on in our government, but the impression that one gets when looking at some of the statements that are made, or the results of many of the elections, there is a tendency to consider that it’s a rather large portion of the electorate. 
Too frequently the electorate relies on sound bites, party affiliation, name recognition, or the impact that an issue is going to have on the individual or a group, but
the continuance of these flawed methods will only ensure the continuation of the nation’s problems.
Some observers have suggested that this President is establishing an imperial Presidency, this view may result from the impression that he has managed to neuter both houses of Congress, the military, the Supreme Court, and all the government agencies under the Federal government’s control.
The danger with all these actions is that they can be applied by either political party, this is counter to the outcome that our Founders intended, and to resolve this situation, action needs to be taken by the electorate to eradicate the policies and programs that are contributing to our current condition.