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For Your Consideration: Military Demoralization

Contributing Writer

The nation is divided about the actions that have been taken by the current administration, and the impact they are having on the morale of our service men, to get a proper prospective of these acts it’s important to take a holistic view of a few of the actions that have influenced our military, and the perception of many of our citizens. The President started his term with statements that the United States was not exceptional, and suggested that our military had too prominent a role in the affairs of other nations, suggesting that this involvement had to be reduced, and at the same he also gave time tables for troop removal levels for various areas of involvement. These actions by the President received a lot of criticism from both the military strategists and many political leaders, especially from those that understood the basic principles behind the surge in Iraq, but the President was determined to prove that the surge was a flawed policy, and in failing to give the final phase the time needed for it to work, he insured its failure. The President did the same thing with the Afghanistan conflict, and he had suggested that this was a proper military engagement, but to live up to the promises he made to end the engagements in the Middle East, he declared that Al Qaeda was fragmented and unable to function after the death of Osama bin Laden, but that was just one more miscalculation by the President.
The sequestration of funds in the budget were much larger for the than most of the other projects in the budget, even if these cuts were to be applied to areas of waste in the military budget there would still be problems, but a good part of the cuts were applied to areas of support personnel, add to this the strong possibility that the ground forces will receive cuts in personnel, this is all happening at a time of high unemployment. To add insult to injury, the President is suggesting that a number of illegal aliens should be permitted to serve in the military as a means of gaining citizenship, under these circumstances one has to question what the President’s motivation is.
The attack in Libya on an American post in Benghazi, was another major blunder by the administration that left a sour taste in the mouths’ of many service men, new details are continually coming out that clearly indicate that the administration knew what was happening while the attack was in progress, but the administration continues to try and explain away its original position given to the media for a full week after the attack. Given the current facts, it is hard to discount the position that this stance was taken to prevent any negative press just before the election. It would be difficult for the administration to explain the lack of attention for requests of an increase in military support during this period of the Arab Spring, especially since most nations had already pulled their diplomats out of the country due to the rise in activities by the Al Qaeda affiliate. Failing to send support to those in danger once the attack started was just more icing on the cake.
The actions of the Veterans Administration (VA) is continuing to add to the disillusionment that the military is beginning to feel for the country that many have given their lives for, to be sure this cannot be placed completely on the President, this situation has existed for some time, but fixing this problem was one of the major promises made by the President. There has been little action on this problem, but there has been a lot of rhetoric. The recent exchange, made by the President, of an Army soldier, Bowe Bergdahl, for five Taliban terrorists being held at Guantanamo, has created a bipartisan storm on Capitol Hill, but the damage done to our service men may be even more important in the long run. These five terrorist have a high probability of entering the fight again, which would lead to more deaths of Americans around the world. The President seems more interested in withdrawing from all conflicts, regardless of the consequences of his actions.
These examples present a very limited number of acts that have been initiated by the President that have demoralized our service men. Many people have suggested that he is doing this because the populace wants the country out of these wars, but there is an alternative view, the country is not willing to put any more of their loved ones in harm’s way with a Commander in Chief that does not know how to perform in that position.