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For Your Consideration: No Crisis

Contributing Writer

There is a position being presented by some pundits that the President is a “lame duck”, and that he has lost his ability to lead the country, but their problem may be that they have failed to grasp the over-riding aspect of this President’s objective.
The President is not interested in leading the country, he is intent on achieving his stated objective, and that is to “fundamentally transform” the Nation. If the pundits think that he is concerned with his slide in the polls, they are mistaken; this is evident with each action he takes, there is no deviation from his stated purpose. It should be clear to most rational observers that the President is not going to allow a simple little thing like the U.S. Constitution to stand in the way of achieving his stated intention.
The problem with most pundits, and the general public, is that they are comparing this President, with all previous Presidents, this is a big mistake.
This is not to say that he is employing methods or tactics that have not been used by other Presidents in the past, but he is making maximum use of a wide assortment of these tactics, and pushing the envelope further than any previous President.
The President has always taken the position that our Constitution is too limiting on the powers of the Administrative Branch of the government, he has shown in his actions that he has no intention of allowing the Constitution to impede his ability to act, but to accomplish this the Constitution must be relegated to the trash heap, this means that the states will have to submit to the Administrative Branch of the Federal government, to bring this about will require a collapse of the current form of government.
There was a time that Americans would think this position was unimaginable, but given the poor education that the general population has been receiving for the past two generations, and the continual battle for power within our political system, this position has become more acceptable to a large portion of the general public, especially with the illegal immigrants that have populated the country for the past fifty years, most of whom have no concept of the value of the Nation’s Constitution. 
With each crisis the President creates, the country becomes more divided and disoriented, and the attention of the citizenry becomes more defused and confrontational as positions harden on the various issues, while this is going on there is a corresponding expansion of government agencies, and an expanded use of powers within various bureaucracies, these conditions tend to obscure the core motivation behind all the crises that the Nation is experiencing.
Given the President’s position on the Constitution, and his stated intent on being elected to the position he holds, it would be inexcusable for the electorate to discount his intent to destroy the paradigm the Founders gave us for the governance of this nation.
It’s not clear what it will take for the electorate to finally realize what they are about to lose if the President achieves his stated objective, what is clear is that neither of the two established politic parties are willing to relinquish their continual quest for power in both Houses of Congress, and the Presidency, it is this very attitude that has enabled the President to do what he is doing. The actions of both political parties and those of the U.S. Supreme Court, over the past two centuries, have slowly eroded the intent of the U.S. Constitution. There is a grass roots movement that appears to be growing, due to citizens dissatisfaction with both political parties, but its intentions for the Nation’s future are still unknown, if it’s not to reestablish the basic principles that are embedded in our original Constitution, then all we’ll have is a slight reprieve, because the seeds for destruction have been embedded in our legislative acts and laws for many generations.