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For Your Consideration: An Evaluation

Contributing Writer

It would appear that the President is allowing his view of the limitations in the U.S. Constitution to override the intent of the Nation’s governing authority.
The President is governing the way he thinks he should, and that is in complete contradiction with the Nation’s Constitution. The U.S. Supreme Court is finally starting to send a message to the President that his actions are going beyond the scope of his authority, in a direction that the Constitution does not sanction, these concerns are even being expressed by the most liberal justices on the bench.
Given the President’s past actions and stated intent, there is a strong probability that he will continue on his current course, if the Attorney General can find some way of putting a different interpretation on the wording in the Constitution, and so long as the House of Representatives continues to ignore its available options under the Constitution.
The House is more concerned with what the President will do to make the House look bad in the eyes of the electorate, this is a valid concern given the emotive response of the electorate, rather than a reasoned logical evaluation, but this is what our educational system has been conditioning the populace to respond to for generations.
To understand what the President is trying to accomplish, one must take into consideration his stated intent when he assumed the Presidency, and all the actions that he has taken during his tenure, disregard the stated purposes for the actions taken, they are only wrapped in a humanitarian cloak, which is intended to get the populace to function on an emotive level, so they will accept the actions as well meaning, and completely disregard the damage the policies are having on the structure of the nation.
The President’s behavior, and that of his Attorney General’s, are a clear indication of his lack of concern over the negative impact that his policies are having on the stability of the nation.
Many citizens are beginning to show their displeasure with the government’s actions, and are beginning to have a real sense of a pending disaster, but seem unable to express the reason for this general emotive condition.
The President continues to suggest that the actions he is taken are due to Congress’s inability to act, but this lack of action is due primarily to the Speaker of the Senate failing to put forth many of the bills that are coming from the House of Representatives The Speaker of the Senate is more than happy to accommodate the President, because the President always uses the generalized term “the Congress”, at times he may single out the House, but one would have to do an exhaustive search to find a time when the President has directed any attention to the Democratically controlled Senate.
There is another important element that has not received any real attention, and that is the continual fund raising trips that the President is taking on the taxpayer’s dime. It’s true that the media continually mentions these fund raising efforts, but there is little effort applied to determine how these funds are going to be utilized, and given the President’s propensity to marginalize the states and the other branches of government, it seems unlikely that these funds will be made available to the aforementioned governmental bodies. It would behoove the general public to get a clearer picture of how much has been collected, and to what purpose these funds are going to be applied. There have been suggestions that the President is going to set up shop in Washington, D.C. at the end of his Presidency, a very unusual action for a President to take, something that has never been done before. This President has already shown that he is more than will to go outside the bounds of all previous Presidents, and it would be a mistake to assume that this pattern would change at the end of his term in office. The electorate should be concerned about the direction the country is going in, and consider what can be done to get the country on a sound footing, but the corrections should be applied judicially, to prevent further disruption, and at present, neither of the established political parties appear capable of applying the actions required to correct our current problems.