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For Your Consideration: Discontentment

Contributing Writer

It would appear there is a growing discontent within the Nation, but it’s hard to gage the extent of this irritation because much of the mass media does not present an accurate portrayal of the depth or causes for this growing disapproval of the government.
The populace is becoming more vocal, but the their displeasure does not match up with the media’s presentation or that of the administration’s, this disconnection indicates that there is a purposeful intent to manipulate public opinion by the media and the current administration.
The President has maintained a relatively high rating compared to the rest of the government agencies, but this too is beginning to change as the electorate starts to evaluate his actions from a more reasoned position, rather than the emotive perspective that is being employed by the administration and the media.
The President is responsible for administering the laws that Congress has passed, but he has chosen to ignore some of these laws, and to modify others to conform to his concept of what is correct.
The President has shown no inclination to modify his positions, to the contrary, he has come back from each setback with an even stronger effort, and blaming his adversaries for creating the problems that were the result of his previous actions to change existing law. 
Just changing some of the things that are having a debilitating impact on the Nation’s social structure and economic system will not help to rid the nation from the root cause of our problem.
The Nation has just gone through a celebration of its 238th birthday, and it was surprising to hear some of the comments that were made about the importance of this date, there were very few people that could express the true meaning of the Declaration  of Independence and the Constitution, and this is enabling the President to accomplish his goal of destroying the Nation’s Constitution.
The President has not made a bold statement that he intends to destroy the Constitution and the basic principles embedded in it, but he has stated that he wants to “fundamentally transform” the country, and to accomplish that the Constitution needs to be destroyed.
This is not the first President that has ignored the Constitution, nor is it the first Congress that has ignored our founding document, the truth is that all three Branches of government have become too politicized, and have been more concerned with centralizing the power in the hands of the Federal government, rather than that of the individual.
The prime directive was, and should be, maximum freedom for the individual, and a limited control by the government to ensure a stable social structure and economic system, a point which the country has long since passed. Centralized governments treat the individual’s qualities as being unimportant, and initiate policies that the populace is expected to conform to, which kills opportunities for developing systems that may be more beneficial to society and the individual.
There is a high probability that every institution in our society will need a major overhaul, especially the three Branches of the Federal government.
A critical analyst would not be satisfied with changes unless they were accompanied with a clear understanding of the basic principles that make our Constitution so unique, something that the President and many of our political leaders seem to have no clue of, let’s try to correct this shortcoming by the Nation’s next birthday.