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For Your Consideration: Minority Report

Contributing Writer

One gets the impression that there is an effort to place each individual in one group or another; this effort can place individuals in a limitless number of groups.
In truth each individual is a minority of one; this aspect appears to be lost when we try to fit a person into one group or another.
One would be hard pressed to show that there are any two individuals that are exactly alike, but we continue to try and place individuals into one group or another, thinking that this action will help to predict how the individual will think or act.
The problem with this grouping effort is that it tends to establish an antagonistic environment between groups; this type of environment makes it difficult to address the problems that each group is trying to resolve, because it tends to divert one’s thinking from the difficulty that needs to be resolved.
It’s difficult to say whether this is a conscious effort to establish a hostile environment of if it’s a fault in the specie’s thinking patterns.
Regardless of the reasons for the development of the groupings that were established, one should try to limit the negative atmosphere that appears to go along with the groupings that have been created.
This is one of the few countries that is truly a melting pot for people from other cultures; this homogenous condition has benefited the development of our nation up to this point, but it would seem that some of our political leaders find this condition not to their liking, and breaking the population into separate groups would be more advantageous to attaining their goals.
The politicians either don’t realize what they are doing to the Nation’s stability, or they don’t care. The debate over illegal immigration is a good example of how the politicians are impacting the homogenous state that was progressing in a fairly reasonable manner.
The United States has the most welcoming policies towards legal immigrants, and it’s still expected to make accommodations for those that have entered the country illegally at a time of economic hardship for many of our citizens; these adjustments are only putting more of a strain on our social fabric and economy.
The political advantages for both parties have been pointed out often enough, but the disadvantages receive little attention. This subject cannot be viewed in a box; there are too many related unintended consequences to treat this subject lightly. One major concern is related to illegal immigrants’ attitudes towards their treatment regarding their position in this country. 
There is a complete disregard for our laws and culture; this view conflicts with the attitude that we look for in many of our legal immigrants. 
Our immigration laws are not broken; it is the enforcement of the laws that is lacking, and that is the responsibility of the Administrative Branch of government.
This enforcement problem has been with us since the last immigration accommodation that was made over thirty years ago.
Our immigration laws should be applied to all illegal immigrants, not just Hispanics; this has been painted as a problem related to the illegal Hispanic immigrants, but it should be applied to all illegal immigrants.
When any new culture is introduced into a society in numbers so great that the host society cannot absorb them, then the influx becomes a destabilizing factor.
It would behoove the electorate question the motivations and actions of our political leaders; it appears that many of them are far less interested in the welfare of the state.
The “group think” that is being developed is disrupting the homogeneousness that the Nation had been moving towards; this is an aspect that we cannot afford to lose.
The electorate should put some serious thought into the type of nation they want this country to be; is it going to be a state run system or will it be one that allows for the development of the individual. If the electorate can decide which of these two choices the right one, then they can proceed to make choices that will bring about the desired end.