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Green is where the Heart Is for July 11, 2012

“The environment itself will teach the child, if every error he makes is manifest to him, without the intervention of a parent or teacher, who should remain a quiet observer of all that happens.” ~Maria Montessori

Contributing Writer

Mo Linquist “Living” Solutions evolved from the idea that the environment with which we surround ourselves is an extension of our bodies and a direct reflection of who we are. 
How we interact with our environment determines our successes and predicts our failures.  The choices made as we move in our space, the colors, products and icons with which we surround ourselves, our relationship to nature, the eco system of our planet and our community can establish our level of satisfaction producing joy, contentment and happiness.
Dr. Maria Montessori also recognized the importance of environment.  According to the website www.dailymontessori .com, “The prepared environment is important part of Montessori {theory of learning.}  It is the link for a child to learn from adults. Rooms are child sized with activities set up for success and allow freedom of movement and choice.
The environment has to be safe for the child to explore freely. The environment has to be ready and beautiful for the children so it invites them to work. Montessori refers to work as an activity the child does or what many people might call play.
She calls this work since it is through this that they create themselves and it is not just a play. Their play is their work and they are still enjoying it. The adult’s role then is to construct the environment in which they will learn.
The development of the child is therefore dependent on the environment she or he is in, and this environment also includes the parents.”
The premise of Pyramid Feng Shui is to create your room set up for success, allowing freedom of movement and choice. 
Your environment has to be safe and inviting for intended activity.  This is good feng shui whether adult or child spaces. 
We are extremely blessed to have a group of committed parents, teachers and forward thinking supporters who have taken the steps necessary to create a Montessori school right here.  “Island Montessori will open in August 2012 as a nonprofit preschool for children ages 1 to 6.
The school is based on the Montessori philosophy, which uses a thoughtfully prepared environment to foster independence, curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. Our teachers will be Montessori-certified and dedicated to honoring each child as a unique individual.”
The school needs your support.  They have a booth at Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market and can receive donations.  Immediate needs are cash donations, Montessori supplies, building items. 
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.  This is an investment in our future, a legacy that will continue long after you and I are gone.  xo mo
Kure Beach resident Mo Linquist, Red Ribbon Professional of IFSG and allied ASID is a recognized expert on Pyramid Feng Shui. She is the “ PersonPlace” design consultant specializing in soft goods such as fabrics, window treatments, reupholstery, blinds, shutters, feng shui and green healthy living products.  Her design studio is located in the Artful Living Group building 112 Cape Fear Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC.   Linquist speaks nationally and holds regular workshops and accredited trainings on this ancient form of environmental psychology. Helping clients create home and office spaces designed specifically to support their individual goals and intentions, Linquist uses cutting-edge techniques integrating science, 20 years of interior design experience and Feng Shui to balance, harmonize and create new patterns for success.
To learn more about her work or for a consultation, contact her at FaceBook at Mo Linquist Living Solutions or call 910-458-7822 office or 330-904-3636 cell.