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Green is where the Heart Is for July 10th, 2013

“Not what we have, but what we use; Not what we see, but what we choose- These are the things that mar or bless; The sum of human happiness.” ~Clarence Urmy

Contributing Writer

Who I am is not completely contained within my skin.  In fact, I have three bodies created by choices I have made.  Look in the mirror and you will see the direct result of choices you have made.  Your first body may be lean or plump but neither one is haphazard.  My neighbor made the choice to loose a little weight this winter and the direct result of her intention is clearly visible for all to see.  She looks and feels marvelous as she is maintaining her desired weight.
Your second body is contained in your thoughts, emotions and psyche which will again prove to be a direct result of what you dwell on and choosing an attitude of love over fear maintains a healthier, happier personality.  Do you choose to see the glass as half empty or half full?  Do you spend time worrying or are you a person of faith and trust?  Negativity in the second body will produce illness in the first.  Back pain, stomach issues, IBS and a host of other illnesses link the psyche to the physical as we see choices manifest before us. 
Look around your home and become aware of your previous choices surrounding you.  This is your third body.  You may have new, old or probably a mixture of both.  Your space tells a lot about you. Look around until something catches your attention.  This piece is speaking to you.  How does it make you feel?  What area of your body can you feel the connection?  Does it make you feel happy or sad?  This is why it is so important to ONLY surround yourself with quality feel good products.  Your space is always speaking to you.  Surround yourself with things that make you sing. 
Companies on the cutting edge are realizing that creating products for the consciously aware consumer needs to be taken up a notch.  More and more people are waking up and can no longer feel comfortable in a room filled with low level products.  The paradigm has shifted and instead of buying things because of low cost, quality becomes the focal point and not only the products themselves but emotions emitted during the creation of these products. 
One such company is Antique Drapery Rod Company.  This week I ordered rods for a customer from this “Made in USA” Texas based company.  “We use only slow drying paint, zero and low V.O.C. (volatile Organic Compounds) versus high V. O. C. toxic, ozone destroying paints, spray can paints or Asian plastic finishes. 
Using non-toxic paints is important for the health of the planet and the air quality in your home and the health of your family and of our ADR family is worth it. 
We use only U.S.A. sustainably forested wood.  Our aluminum and steel are only recycled…. Our aluminum rods are custom milled for us from PCW (post consumer waste) upcycled aluminum. A sleek modern example of “upcycling.”
When a product is recycled into a more expensive product, increasing the recycled materials value. The use of this commercial grade material for simplistic hardware is in keeping with the philosophy of the modernist movement.”
Sure, you can save a few bucks right now choosing to buy things that are cheaper but weigh the long term costs.  The sum of your happiness is measured by your choices.  Surround yourself with things that you love and things that are made with love including the end consumer, the production line worker and the planet.  xo mo
Kure Beach resident Mo Linquist, Red Ribbon Professional of IFSG and allied ASID is a recognized expert on Pyramid Feng Shui.
She is the “ PersonPlace” design consultant specializing in soft goods such as fabrics, window treatments, reupholstery, blinds, shutters, feng shui and green healthy living products.  Her design studio is located in the Artful Living Group building 112 Cape Fear Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC.  
Linquist speaks nationally and holds regular workshops and accredited trainings on this ancient form of environmental psychology. Helping clients create home and office spaces designed specifically to support their individual goals and intentions,
Linquist uses cutting-edge techniques integrating science, 20 years of interior design experience and Feng Shui to balance, harmonize and create new patterns for success.
To learn more about her work or for a consultation, contact her at FaceBook at Mo Linquist Living Solutions or call 910-458-7822 office or 330-904-3636 cell.