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Crafty Crystal: Homemade Weed Killer

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We all yearn for a nice yard whether we actually do it or not. There is something for even the busiest homeowner that can help clear the weeds and its pet friendly. Now, my first "Oh No!" moment came after realizing I needed to (desperately) de-weed the yard. We have outdoor cats. The cats love to lay in the grass and walk through every part of the yard. After all, they are cats and love to explore. So I went to the Internet to search for all-natural weed killers. I found a recipe that is super easy but will stink up your house during preparation. If you have infants or people living with you who are sensitive to strong smells you'll want to do this when they aren't home and open all of the windows.
Here's what you'll need:
• 1-gallon of distilled vinegar.
• 1-cup salt.
• A few drops of liquid dish soap.
It is best to do it when the sun is shining on the weeds you want to kill. If you also want to yell, "die" as you spray, it's totally optional.
The heat from the sun will allow the weed killer to do its job more effectively.
The soap will also break down the oils in poison ivy to help kill it or at least stop it from spreading.
It should be noted that using vinegar will kill other plants in the immediate vicinity. It's not recommended for garden use because it will kill all of the good and bad plants and the prevent plant growth in the soil for some time. For general use in the yard it has not killed our grass. Consult with your own lawn care center or test it in a confined area of the yard before proceeding to other areas.
Targeting the weeds rather than spraying large areas is recommended.
Boil the vinegar. Even if it’s only half of it. It will help the salt dissolve. It helps to only use half of a gallon and pour your vinegar and salt mix back into the gallon bottle.
Put your soap in and do a weed sacrificial dance around your kitchen. Or maybe that's just me. Anywho... pour that weed-mix into a spray bottle and spray to your hearts content.
Weeds should begin browning within a couple of days. 
Some really obnoxious weeds will still require manual removal or chemical weed killers from your favorite lawn care center.