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Hardware Tips: Become Unappealing to Thieves and Saving Face

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Security: Nothing ruins a great getaway like coming home to realize you’ve had unwelcome house guests.
To help avoid being burglarized take the following pre-vacation steps: 1. Call the post office to stop mail and suspend newspaper delivery
2. Get a few timers to turn several lights, the TV or radio on and off during the day and night
3. If you have a second car, park it in the driveway
4. If you’ll be gone long, ask a neighbor to put some of their trash in your garbage cans
5. Ask a friend or neighbor to house sit by dropping by regularly and checking up on things and picking up junk mail and flyers that can accumulate. (Remember to describe this house sitter to your neighbors, so burglars can’t claim to be house sitting and house sitters don’t get arrested.)
6. If you have a baby monitor, leave the monitor with a neighbor and the base unit turned on at your home. If the security or smoke alarms go off, or if your neighbors hear something they shouldn’t, they can immediately call 911.
Saving Face: If you’re removing wood trim or moldings around doors or floors, here’s a way you can still reuse it for later installation. The point is to keep the woodwork smooth and splinter-free for refinishing.
The secret lies in never hammering the old nails out through the face from the backside. If you try to remove them this way the sunken finish nail heads will splinter the trim face as they’re driven upward from behind.
To prevent this and to keep the face intact, lay the woodwork down and pull the nails out from behind.
In order to do this, hold the nail up close to the wood with a pair of pliers and then slowly roll it over to draw it out of the wood. If you need more leverage for longer nails put a small wood block under the pliers.
When the time comes for you to replace the trim, re-use the existing holes. You will also need to counter-sink the nail heads, and fill them with wood putty, sand and paint. And that’s the tip of the week from Island True Value Tackle & Hardware.