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Hardware Tips Of The Week: Pencil Tip and Bathroom Design Tips

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Pencil Tips: You take a measurement, go to write it down and the pencil lead breaks. Or you lay the pencil down and it rolls away -- out of reach. Has this ever happened to you? Here's how carpenters handle this little problem.
Regular lead pencils are fine for home and school, but they're not well suited for construction and repair projects. Instead, carpenters use a special pencil that has flat sides (so it won't roll away), and has a sturdy lead about 1-quarter-inch-inch wide by 1-eighth-inch thick. It's tough to break when marking measurements. When it comes to sharpening these flat pencils, most carpenters just carve off the wood with a utility knife or plane off the wood until a proper tip takes shape. If this sounds a bit too rustic for you, hardware stores sell a special pencil sharpener with a wide slot made just for these wide, flat pencils.
Bathroom Design Tips: While room design is mostly a matter of taste, there are some basic rules to keep in mind.
Today, you'll learn some bathroom design tips and some how-to-avoid-trouble planning tricks.
For example, don't overwhelm your space by cramming too much into a small bath (like a big lavish whirlpool tub in a tiny 5 by 7 space).
Doing so takes away from the room and is a waste. Also consider safety.
Tile is slippery when wet; so add anti-slip coatings, nonskid area rugs and handrails in places water and condensation tend to collect.
Also consider who'll be using the room; are they tall or short?
This determines the height of everything, from counters to towel bars.
Sight lines are important, too; when the door is open, would you rather see the toilet or a beautiful vanity?
Don't underestimate the importance of lighting -- both for functional tasks and pure glamour.
And that's the tip of the week from Island True Value Tackle & Hardware.