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Hardware Tips: Lemon-Aid For Rust Stains and Put Mold on Hold

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Lemon-Aid for Rust Stains:
Let's say you're sitting around relaxing on your patio and just as you're about to squeeze some lemon into a nice cool drink you notice some annoying rust stains on
the concrete caused by your aging metal outdoor furniture and being the perfectionist you are it bothers you, but what to do? Set down your drink and go in search of cleaning solutions and a wire brush?
No need, relax, the answer is at hand literally.
Of course we mean the lemon you are holding in your hand.
First finish squeezing it into your drink, then simply reach down and rub what's left on the rust stains then wipe with a soft towel or cloth and presto mundo they'll
disappear long before your summer guests arrive or your ice cubes melt.
Put Mold on Hold:
There’s a growing environmental problem caused by energy efficiency and moisture.
It’s mold...both hidden and out in plain sight. It can show up in and on walls, ceilings and carpets and any porous material that can absorb moisture and hold it until mold spores begin to grow.
So why are we hearing about this more than ever before?
Because more homes today are sealed air tight and when small water leaks occur in a roof or somewhere in a home’s structure and they go undetected for a period of time, wet insulation and wallboard become breeding grounds.
The answer (if you haven’t been told) is knowing how to put mold on hold.
Reduce interior moisture and humidity levels with good ventilation and a dehumidifier if needed. Catch and repair leaks early and know that condensation creates moisture problems too.
Watch for any signs of mold and act quickly to correct and prevent it. More than being unsightly it’s a health hazard too.
And that’s the tip of the week from Island True Value Tackle and Hardware.