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Hardware Tip of the Week: Prevent Frozen Pipes and Rain Gutter Tune-Up

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Prevent Frozen Pipes: Clarence Birdseye pioneered frozen foods in the 20's. Working outdoors in Alaska, he noticed that food froze quickly before ice crystals could form.
This damaged food, ruining the taste when it thawed. Whereas he discovered that fast freezing is good for food, we homeowners discovered freezing wreaks havoc on our homes' water pipes.
When winter temperatures suddenly dip, water pipes can freeze and split. Here are five easy steps you can take that'll help to keep your water pipes safe.
Insulate vulnerable pipes in crawl spaces and attics; during extreme cold, let faucets trickle overnight; keep doors under sinks open to allow warm air in; keep your thermostat set above 55 F; and disconnect outside hoses and lawn sprinklers. Already got a frozen pipe?
Don't thaw it with a torch or open flame. Rather, use heat from a hairdryer, but be aware of wet floors and the potential danger of electric shock.
Rain Gutter Tune Up: It’s a good day for fixing-up your rain gutters (with quick-fix tips from the Carey Brothers). Gutters leak? Sag? All clogged up? Runneth over like the proverbial “cup”?
To find sagging low spots pour water in the high end and gently bend metal brackets up with pliers where water accumulates.
Then patch leaky joints with silicone caulk or gutter sealant. To fix a leaky steel gutter apply a liberal coat of roofing cement, add a layer of heavy-duty aluminum foil followed by more cement, more foil and a third coat of roofing cement. When clearing gutters don’t mess up siding by dumping debris overboard.
Tie a long rope onto a bucket instead and lower it to the ground where a helper can dump it or you can climb down safely using both hands. Patch up the gutters and raindrops won’t be falling on your head anymore.
And that’s the Tip of the week from Island Tackle & Hardware.