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Jesus Without The Junk: What Is The “Norm” Anymore?

On May 8, the voters of North Carolina will take to the polls on a proposed measure, Amendment 1.  If approved, the ban on same-sex marriage would be added to the state constitution.  Same sex marriage is already illegal in this state.  This measure will specifically define marriage as being between a man and a woman banning any other type of union.  
Many of our elected officials and others are opposed to this measure passing because they say it would “harm” the economy (they feel that North Carolina would no longer be considered a "business-friendly state"), it is discriminatory, and does not promote loving relationships.  I even heard a Theology professor of an Ivy League school state on TV that he was opposed to the measure passing. By and large, morals are the generally accepted standards of right and wrong.  I know they differ somewhat from society to society but what has happened to this country, which was founded by men dedicated to ethics and morality? Our country started out as being one embodied in staunch principals, character and self-discipline.  Christianity had a huge role in that contribution.  I understand that time passes and things change but what has happened to the still great (yes, she is) United States of America?  I believe in toleration because we are so diverse culturally, but why are we becoming increasingly unglued in some areas of conduct and thinking?  
In March of this year, a poll was taken in NC, which showed 32% were in favor of this measure, and 61% were opposed to it.  If the poll is any indication of how our voters will be casting their ballots in May, you may already have your answer as to the outcome of the vote.
I know there are some people who are against this measure who are Christians, who sit in church each Sunday.  How do they tell their children about a holy God and then how do they describe in the same breath what a holy union is in the eyes of God?
I say this all the time-“What must God be thinking?”