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Jesus Without The Junk: You Too Can Reach For the Stars

By Molly Painter

This is too beautiful a story not to share. Dawn Loggins grew up in a home with no water or electrical power.  She filled up buckets with water from a public park so she could cook meals and flush the toilet.  Weeks passed without her taking a shower.  At some point in time, Dawn’s parents, who were drug abusers, dropped her grandmother off at a homeless shelter and took off for parts unknown.  Dawn eventually found out they moved to Tennessee.  With an eviction notice on the front door, it would seem Dawn had few options left.
A school staff member found out about Dawn’s situation.  Then it didn’t take long for Dawn’s plight to come to the attention of others in town.  Thanks to the kindness of the community (some barely knew her), she ended up sleeping on someone’s couch; townspeople united to clothe and feed her and they saw that she had medical care.  What’s more, she was given a custodial job at the school she attended.  Throughout it all, she remained a straight-A student. 
What happened for Dawn next most certainly is a credit to her tenacity, and drive and the ability she possessed to see a future filled with hope.  She applied to four colleges in NC and then for good measure, she applied to Harvard as well.  Eventually, Harvard sent her an acceptance letter and she is scheduled to attend in 2016.  She will receive full tuition and assistance in finding an on-campus job. The most endearing thing she said is that she still loved her parents.  She says she would not be as strong-willed today if it were not for the things she has had to endure.  I pray that the Lord will bless Lawndale, NC for taking such marvelous care of one of their own.  This is what unity is all about.  Had it not been for the angels the Lord put in Dawn’s path, no telling how she would have ended up… perhaps like her parents. 
May God continue to bless you Dawn and keep reaching!
Katie Altobellis