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Jesus Without The Junk: Not Just Sticks and Stones

By: Molly Painter

We are a still a civilized society, right?  For the most part, we are, but we are also fast losing a trait that has long set us apart from other cultures and countries.  I think civility has started to wane and people pretty much do not care what they say about others anymore.
Recently, a celebrity went on TV and called both Romney and Obama “idiots.”  A rapper has come out with a song named after a biblical scripture but included in the song are lyrics that would embarrass even God.  Then there have been recent stories about North Carolina pastors.  One told his congregations that they should “beat their kids” for demonstrating signs of being gay.  Another pastor made comments about putting particular people in a concentration camp so that they would eventually die off.  His comments drew laughter from his congregants.  I hope there were no children listening to that sermon.
I cannot recall a time when the sniping, name-calling and squabbling has been so mean spirited as in recent political campaigns.  The Republican presidential debates were filled with attacks against each other.  They called each other condescending names and the attack ads were (and are) atrocious on both sides.  A past president was called a fascist and Obama has been called a communist.  Think that kinda talk will win votes? I assume this behavior is the result of this nation becoming increasingly polarized and I think that is what is destroying us.  The backbiting and inability to pull together, whether we are talking the elections or talking about a social or moral issue, is offensive, really and this acrimony needs to stop.
I direct this blog mainly to Christians because we have a duty to stand up and start being the example of the One we say we love.  Otherwise, we are as Paul says, but “a clanging cymbal.”  Be careful what you say to others and about others because one day we will all have to give an account for those firebombs we hurled at one another.