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Jesus Without The Junk: Keep Focused

By: Molly Painter

Culturally speaking, Americans are obsessed with sports.  For most, one of the first things we engage in as children is some sort of sports activity.  We learn from a very early age how to engage in sports, which teach us life lessons like how to be team players, how to be competitive, self-esteem rises, they teach us how to play fair, and how to be good winners and losers.  According to whom you talk to, football is the most popular team sport, and supposedly, collegiate football is more popular than professional.
Penn State was a great school with a great reputation and had an insanely popular head football coach, who ruled for 45 years.  But this institution turned its head for at least 14 years regarding the abuse inflicted by one of its coaches.  The question begs to ask, so why was this allowed to happen?  Organized sports are an industry that brings in billions of dollars but surely, money and reputation had nothing to do with intelligent university staff turning a blind eye to these actions, or did they? 
The public is obsessed with sports players and coaches; they are put on a pedestal and idolized.  We elevate them to such lofty and high positions that we make them think they can do no wrong and they are looked upon as untouchable.  The circumstances of misplaced loyalty, shame, scandal and the fear of losing revenue caused otherwise intelligent men to allow another to abuse children and then sweep this knowledge under the proverbial rug.  How did they sleep at night?  With all this being said, I think all concerned, especially the victims, need to be prayed for. This is an unsettling kind of example to have to learn from but let us all be reminded that no object, no person, nothing is so important to us that it causes us to lose our character, integrity and morality, because if we do, it will result in our downfall…nothing and no one is worth that. “For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.”  — Jesus Christ