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Jesus Without The Junk: Why, Lord, Why?

By: Molly Painter

Face it….the first thing many ask when horrific and shocking events occur is, “How could you have let this happen, God?”  The fact that seemingly senseless tragedies take place makes us lash out at God, as if they were His fault.  He is wonderful and adoring until we are at the receiving end of pain and devastation, right?
Tragedy has always been a stumbling block for people in their relationship with God and somehow when we are affected personally, we no longer think of Him as being a “good God.”  That is what trips some of us up, though…how we interpret what “good” means.  I think this is part of our sin nature when we blame God for the ill will and suffering that happens in this earth.  We want to point our finger at the all powerful, all knowing and ever present Creator, saying, “If You really were a God of love, You would have stopped this or that from happening. God gives His children free will on this earth, first exercised in the Garden.  Our actions produce consequences.  He allows unpleasant things to happen but He does not will them.  There are powerfully evil forces in the world, and we have to face this fact and stop blaming God when catastrophe happens.  While things may not always “make sense” to us, we have but to look to the Word for answers to everything (including our suffering) that occurs in our lives, whether we agree with what it tells us or not.
In 1 Peter 6-7 we are told that we will be grieved by various trials and that our faith will be tested by fire.  Look at what Roman 5:3-4 says about what tribulations produce.  James 1:2-4 tells us we can profit from our trials and what they will produce in us.  The list goes on and on about what suffering does in us and for us but I am convinced that all things happen, good and bad, to bring God glory. Katie Sign up for email blasts @ Jesuswithoutthe 24-hour prayer line (910) 228-5282