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Jesus Without The Junk: For the Sake of the United States

By: Molly Painter

No doubt about it; this will be a tight race between both Obama and Romney when November rolls around.  Both are graduates of Harvard Law School, are excellent orators (Obama might have a slight edge) and possess other fine qualities they have used well to serve their constituents.  These are two are highly intelligent men who will no doubt end up in the history books one day.  However, I find it a bit distasteful the way they both have tried to gain voter support using negative attack ads.  They are both much too polished to stoop to this tactic, though this strategy is nothing new.
Negative attack ads have been around as long as TV has but it appears that in all years, this may be the most negative race run yet.  Yes, we want to know as much about our candidates as possible but some of what each side has presented about the other has been sort of nasty and exaggerated, it would seem.  Attempting to gain control of an office by negatively portraying another seems to me to be an act of desperation.  Mega money in donations and securing votes are at stake and seem to be the impetus behind the ads, but what do voters really think about the negative war on words?
While many may not be in favor of the negative campaigning, some political experts agree the ads are effective because they feed into folks’ anxieties and fears and can cause them not to vote for a particular candidate.  I suppose there is no perfect campaign and yes, we deserve to know as much of the truth behind a candidate’s character and record of accomplishments (or lack of) as we can.
Let’s not focus on and cast our vote for the candidate that does the best job of demeaning his opponent.  Our focus needs to be on electing someone who will effect positive change for this country.  We need to pray that God’s choice is the next man voted into office and that he possesses a very sharp game with great vision to lead and inspire this great nation of ours.