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Jesus Without The Junk: Should the Sabbath be Holy?


I remember growing up and my Dad saying they were not allowed to go to the movies, play cards and such on Sundays.  It was a time for communing with the family and no work was done. 
I came across a recent article that said modern man no longer had to abide by the fourth commandment, which says- Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy… 
On it you shall not do any work… therefore, the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy (NIV). Yes, His completed work for creation was done on the seventh day and He rested.  But when He said He made the day holy, as God never changes, what would make anyone believe that it no longer is?
This same article said that man was no longer under the law and therefore, this fourth Commandment held no significance, but that he was obligated to abide by the other nine.  The author of another article said that the Ten Commandments are not to be considered eternal and that their relevance is slowing fading.  I went on to read similar articles that expressed the same ideology.  I shudder to think the next Commandment that will be “thrown out” and considered irrelevant.
I can all but assume our reverence for the Commandments, including and keeping the Sabbath, is something fast eroding and no longer important in our minds.  I believe that if we cannot commit one day of the week for solely communing with God, then God help us, please. (Times have changed and some do not have the luxury of not working on Sundays; God realizes that.)  At the very least give the first seconds, minutes or part of the Sabbath to God and I believe He will honor that.  
Some tend to think that after the crucifixion Jesus annulled the Sabbath.  All some folks need is an excuse to justify doing whatever they want to …if someone “famous” said it, it must be true.
God never changes…He declared the Commandments; they are holy and are forever and ever…Amen.