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Jesus Without The Junk: The Hole Gets Deeper

By: Molly Painter

Some believe that the “battle” that took place the night of the DNC in Charlotte, NC decided the fate of the Democratic Party in the November election.  I am not so sure this opinion is something that speaks solely about a party’s behavior.  I think the reaction of the crowd denotes a mainstream leaning in thinking and behavior that is fast eroding the conscience and values of America, regardless of political affiliation. I am still not clear how God and Israel were taken out of the language at the convention in the first place, but I am convinced that it was another test from the Almighty so see where the hearts and minds of his people are. 
We are increasingly becoming a Godless nation.  One the rise of approval in our minds is same sex marriages and abortion.  We cater to groups because they complain.  Recently, a state removed from his Air Force logo a reference to God because atheists got offended.  To honor “political correctness” a particular elementary school removed a song containing the name of God from its school assembly.  Battles go on about removing the phrase “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, we refer to Christmas trees as holiday trees and God is constantly being suppressed in schools.  I am told not to bring God into the workplace. We lap up the “rag” magazines in the grocery stores and people can tell you more intricate details of a celebrity’s life than can quote just five of the Ten Commandments. It took three votes at the recent convention to add God and Jerusalem back into its platform.  The resounding “boos” from the crowd was stunning and surreal. The more we try to take God out of things because we do not want to offend people, the deeper the hole we are digging for ourselves. Peter also denied God 3 times but great mercy was shown.  We should pray for the same. We are sadly mistaken if we think we can continue to eradicate God from our everyday lives without reaping consequences.