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Jesus Without The Junk: The American Spirit

By: Molly Painter

I know we are tired of hearing anything more about the election and only want to move ahead with the things we must regard in what lay before us now.  Due to the inappropriate comments that have been flayed at both Obama and Romney during and after the election, I feel motivated to make comment to remind us of a couple of things.
There are many examples where we have shown the world what we are made of: We’ve pulled together countless times in history for our common good with remarkable results.  There was a time we felt strongly in the right to govern ourselves and the ensuing result was the American Revolution. 
During World War II, Americans stepped up to the plate in compromise by working longer hours and doing without many consumer goods in order to support the war effort.  When the terrible day of 9/11 struck, we did not allow terrorism to defeat and weaken us; just the opposite— we came together (once again) to protect the country we love.  Our lives were changed forever, but we grew stronger in a myriad of ways.  It is time to pull together in unison once more.
Again, the people have elected Mr. Obama as president.  Though he may have not been your choice, you must get past your pettiness and name-calling; some of the things I have heard are mortifying.  Although you may not agree with all he stands for or some of the decisions that he has handed down, I urge you to pray for wisdom for your president.  If you believe that prayer can affect people and situations, then I urge you to fill up the prayer bowls of Heaven. 
We can surmise all we want but no one knows what to expect in the days to come.  We have become terribly polarized politically and religiously.  We need to get our act together.  The people and our government need to quit pitting themselves against each other.  Let us try to find common ground; if we do not, we will pay one hefty price.