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Jesus Without The Junk: There Is No Reason

By: Molly Painter

Recently, I stumbled across a newspaper article written last year about a food pantry in Wilmington, NC whose shelves were all but empty.  I am sure that for many their situation has not gotten any better economically and truth be told, many more are increasingly depending on local food banks and pantries to meet some if not all their food needs. This website has written on the need of feeding the hungry before and the message bears repeating again.  There is no reason that anyone should have to miss or skip meals in this town due to lack of…according to a 2010 US Census Bureau fact sheet, in Wilmington alone 23% of our children were living in poverty. These numbers have steadily increased over the last several years.  Naturally, if they are in poverty, their parent or parents are as well.
I called the Salvation Army and spoke with Major Richard Watts who gave me permission to quote him.  When I asked if empty shelves were an issue he said, “It is a constant problem.”  He further stated, “Families do not make enough to feed their families.” He emphasized that people coming there to be fed are “not taking advantage of the community and are not panhandlers.”   He said the Salvation Army gives away $2500 a week in groceries and shelter food and for some the food they get there will be the only sustenance they receive that day.  That’s a huge demand to meet each week. 
According to Ron at First Fruit Ministries, when government funding was cut, their funding was cut as well.  He said that at one time they were providing 10,000 pounds of canned food a month; now it’s only 4,000 pounds a month.  How many go without as a result in this drop and how many are children?  There are several food banks and pantries in this area and none of them should be in lack.   
Jesus Without The Junk works hard to be a living example of what it asks of others and the numbers on the website prove this point.   This ministry urges you to do your part for those in need and fill those shelves up!