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Jesus Without The Junk: There Are No Words

No matter how often we open our newspapers and turn our TV’s and radios and hear of unbelievable acts of violence, we are never be able to comprehend it.  Moreover, when these acts of evil involve children, we are left dumb-founded and are often at a loss of words that could amply express our feelings, sympathy and regret to those touched by abrupt loss of lives.   The Second Amendment of the US Constitution gives the right to its citizens to keep and bear arms and many are still asking the question of what it will take to persuade politicians to pass stricter guns laws.  We are a country obsessed with guns and a country seemingly armed to the teeth...  reportedly, there are at least 300,000 privately owned guns in the United States.  Of the two dozen or so developed countries 80% of gun deaths happen in the United States and 87% of children killed by guns also occur in America.  How is it that we continue to process this information without taking action and changes being made?
The NRA has approximately 4 million members with a budget that almost matches its membership.  They are single-minded, very focused and hold sway with Congress when it comes to gun-control issues.  But when does enough become enough?
I am not just picking on gun-control.  Warfare goes on in this country every day and it does not necessarily involve the use of guns.  As this ministry has expressed more than once, we tend to open ourselves up to tragedy as we continue to take God out of the picture.  We persist in elbowing God out of our everyday lives, to include the military, schools and every other area of the public arena.  What we need to do is humble ourselves and ask Him why these things keep happening.
The atmosphere in Newtown, Conn. will not hold the beauty and expectant joy that Christmas usually brings and our hearts grieve with you.  We offer our love and condolences to those who lost their loved ones… sometimes there simply just are no words.
Have a Merry Christmas from all at Jesus Without The Junk and know we are on top of our prayers for this situation and the children that God holds dear.  Let the Wise men be our example this season and follow the Bright and Morning Star.  They were called wise for a reason…
God bless you all.