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Jesus Without The Junk: A Common Sense Approach to the Bible

By Molly Painter

Would you like to have information placed right in front of you to use to gain the victory over seemingly defeated areas in your life?  How would you like to learn, from a tangible no non-sense perspective, what your divine path and destiny is?  And lastly, how about finding out that with a quarter turn shift in your thinking your circumstances won’t seem so bad?   
You have to understand that there are no ‘ten keys’ to success and you cannot just ‘name and claim’ material wealth and think it is going to rain down on you from heaven.  Or how about just learning to know who God really is?  Come and join me, in the Education Building—library, located on the property of First Baptist Church of Carolina Beach, 409 North Lake Park Boulevard in Carolina Beach, on June 20, 2013 from 6:30-7:30.  The dress is very, very casual and I will be sharing with you some tangible common sense approaches to help you gain the victory in your everyday life.  I am talking about answers that are true, real and proven.  There are no gimmicks and there is no charge to attend.  This is an eight-week course only.  The first class is entitled:  Time Management, Prayer and You.  Then we will embark upon a journey of discovery for each of you and facts that you can use in order to have a joyful, meaningful life.  I began a good career, as a manager of a financial institution, and ended up sleeping on a blow up air-mattress that would deflate during the night, to becoming a fruitful individual with a worldwide ministry.  Then in the ensuing weeks we will hit upon the topics below:
Temptation (Money, food, drugs, etc.) Fasting-Is it really beneficial?
The Three W’s
Is God who he claims?
The Holy Spirit—is he a ghost?
Julia Child and instant victory Life can be very hard.  Isn’t it time to place some lasting principals into your daily life so you can gain victory?
See you soon! Molly