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Jesus Without The Junk: George Zimmerman

By: Molly Painter

I am utterly at a loss for words when I hear things come out of people’s mouths and their utterances are diametrically opposed to who and what they say they are.
For this article’s purposes, I am specifically talking about a professor of religious studies at a prestigious university who launched a recent diatribe against God, whom she called a white racist.  Not only does she have an illustrious job, but God blessed her with intelligence; she has a Masters in theology and a PhD in religion. On the heels of the Zimmerman trial, she posted a blog and did a video where she said, “God ain’t good all the time.  In fact, sometimes, God is not for us.”  She also stated that when she was in seminary, she came across a book called, Is God a White Racist? and now she understands its message. In her mind’s eye, Christianity is a proponent of racism and she said that she thinks God is a white racist god with a problem who carries a gun and stalks young black men.
She wanted to make sure her readers understood her by saying she was not a blasphemer and that she was talking about God in a comprehensive way; she claimed to be writing and talking about god, not God. She explains that most of us do not understand what she is saying because we do not have the “theological thinking” she has. Glad you cleared that up; I now considered myself schooled.
Anyone who teaches religion is bound to talk about God (big G, not little g) along the way; it is inevitable.  However, anyone who smears the name of the Creator by saying He is racist and carries a gun stalking folks does not know God Almighty at all and should not be writing or talking about Him. 
There will be a time when we all stand before Him and have to explain what we meant in reference to the things we said and did.  We have all made preposterous statements, to be sure. May He extend His greatest mercy on you, professor, and to each one of us.