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Jesus Without The Junk: Who Do I Think God is Anyway?

By: Molly Painter

While I was doing some research, I came across a book written over a decade ago called, God Owes us Nothing and thought, How interesting.
This is what I have been taught and it is a phrase that has been repeated many times over the past several years, but up until now, I have mostly rejected this concept. With that realization, I thought that it might be a good topic to write on, because I cannot be the only one with this “entitlement” brand of thinking.
At first, I thought, Now this is a depressing thought that God should not be somehow in my debt, but because I have accepted the foolishness in my thinking and repented, it has turned out to be quite a liberating realization.
It has been revealed to me that this has been nothing but pride on my part. For some reason, I thought that if I do all the right things and live according to God’s precepts, when something comes up that I need some divine intervention on, it will be granted to me because I deserve God’s favor in any given situation. Excuse me, God, please forgive me… Who do I think I am?
What I think has been destitute in my thinking is that being self-centered, I have never really taken into consideration how much God has done for me…just because; not because he owes me one thing.  God owes no man on this earth; He lacks nothing and nothing man can do for Him make His existence any better.
We do not have a business type relationship with God.  He owes us nothing for being “good” servants.  All God does is give and give and give…
His grace is a gift, and Jesus dying on the cross was our ultimate gift. This has been a hard article to write but if it can serve to help others resolve their brattish and arrogant way of thinking, then it has served its purpose.  Sometimes we need to be reminded to take our eyes off ourselves and fix them on Heaven where they belong.