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Jesus Without The Junk: The Roadmap to Heaven

By: Molly Painter

By Katie Altobellis
 “All paths leading to God are equally good.” – Mahatma Gandhi
I was sitting across from a young man not too long ago who is Muslim and his words prompted me to write this article. 
Folks who live in an idealistic world think that just as long as they are “good” sincere, loving and kind; they will end up in Heaven one day.  They have a mindset, as the quote seems to suggest, that all religions blend nicely together and there are many ways to get into Heaven. Since world religions do not all teach the same thing, I wonder how this could be?  And just why are there so many religions with their varied beliefs?  Perhaps it is because there are those who have rejected the one, true God and are seeking salvation their own way.  After all, for some, it is easier to pick and choose how to live because of the personal freedoms allowed. As we have said before, some opt to choose the broad way in lieu of the narrow gate. Muslims believe in a God who is unknowable and that one’s works will determine if they get in Heaven or not. Buddhists do not believe in any deity, try to avoid suffering and hope for reincarnation. Hindus believe in multiple gods and in reincarnation.  Universalism is a belief that all religions are equally good and therefore, all will lead to Heaven.  Satan must be having a good chuckle at our expense.  He knows that all this confusion about God will ultimately defeat many who otherwise think they are going to Heaven. Heads up:  all roads may lead to God but they do not lead to Heaven.  We will stand before God one day to be judged but as Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Those that reject Him will not enter into Heaven no matter what spin they put on it.
I believe what I believe because the truth is in me.  I cannot really understand with clarity why those who have been exposed to the truth reject it, but I keep them in my prayers every day.