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Jesus Without The Junk: Where is Your Battle Cry?

By: Molly Painter

There are a multitude of folks in media whose sites are vibrant locales for shaping thoughts and preferences on anything you can think of, including religion.  With people living such hurried lives, I’d guess that more young people use digital media to keep their lives going than tune in to TV anymore. Some even use pages on social networking sites in place of going to church now because of their overwhelming lives. Even so, TV is still a major influence in contouring an audience’s values and beliefs, and those given a stage have an obligation to change lives in a positive way, especially if they call themselves followers of Christ. Those who come toe to toe with non-believers should never cower down and we are not called to have a knockdown, drag out fight with them, but I say, sound your battle cry if you have one!
I watched a recent show that featured a TV personality and a progressive evangelist.  The TV host brought the reverend on to debate several things contained in the Bible, such as slavery, polygamy and the now seemingly never-ending topic of homosexuality.
Whatever the TV host asked this reverend, he kept coming back with, “Jesus said feed the poor.”  He dodged every question asked by the host, who is atheist.  What an excellent “pulpit” offered to this guest to reach this man and the multitudes, for that matter.
When questioned about homosexuality, the evangelist said Jesus did not talk about this subject.  Well, yes He did.  Also, the first miracle recorded in the Bible Jesus did at a wedding, and you can believe He attended a wedding between a man and a woman.  God allowed polygamy but did not ordain it.  David and Solomon were polygamists and look at how it affected their lives.  
I was a bit ashamed for the reverend because he did not defend our Lord or His Word.  The Bible says “be prepared to give an answer” and he was not. Know that there is a big difference in carrying a Bible and understanding what it says.