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Jesus Without The Junk: It Could Be Any of Us

By: Molly Painter

According to the Washington Post, only 63% of those in the US who are able to work have a job.  That means that approximately 11 million Americans are officially unemployed and with economic growth remaining stubbornly sluggish, no telling when things will turn around and how long it will take.  A disturbing disclosure in Forbes magazine reveals that in 35 states welfare pays more than a minimum wage job. That knowledge makes me wonder where the incentive is for folks to look for work. The consequences of unemployment can be devastating and sometimes enduring. Unemployment not only effects families but communities…unemployment hits people where it hurts the most; in their pocketbooks and in their hope.
I live in North Carolina and news about a recent story that came out of our capital city of Raleigh made me ashamed to call myself a North Carolinian.
Reportedly, Wake County has no place for the poor and homeless to go to on the weekend to get a meal.  Therefore, Love Wins Ministries, along with the cooperation of other churches, have furnished coffee and a breakfast sandwich to the downtrodden on a sidewalk near a park for around the last 6 years.  But then came the morning of August 24th.  On that day, they were told that because of a particular ordinance, if they passed out food to the hungry they would go to jail. Naturally, this incident received national attention. There are actually a number of states that have adopted ordinances and laws to “punish” the homeless, to include Florida, Oregon and Penn.  Columbia, S.C. has approved a plan where those found sleeping outdoors are forced to go to a shelter on the outskirts of town or be arrested.  NY Mayor Bloomberg outlawed food donations to the hungry because the city was unable to assess the nutritional value and fat content of the food.  Out of sight does not mean out of mind because the homeless and hungry are going nowhere. 
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