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Jesus Without The Junk: “Heart of Hope” Run October 26, 2013

By: Molly Painter

“Heart of Hope” came to point the way to children who need help in a mighty way. Kids don’t ask to have no food or lack or even go without.
Be a part of something BIG -help us stuff their backpacks!
For if we say we love but close our hand – we are telling them we don’t really understand. If we see the need and don’t help them out, they’ll give up…don’t you see?
Come on ya’ll let’s give them hope, that’s my plea; it’s what we do Carolina Beach! –
Be there bright and early (8 am) where the race begins—3rd and Cape Fear Blvd…the gazebo, yeah!
Let’s send a message – no child here will go hungry again.
Spread your love come on sign up!
Come run, come walk, come roll –October 26, 2013! 
The “Heart of Hope” Run will be having after the run festivities! A Blow-Up Castle (Bouncy house) for children, Coca-Cola will be serving up their most popular drink,  local baked goods that are filled with lots of love, The Wilmington Bird Club will be there with their exotic birds to view, Pleasure Island Tattoo will be face painting for children, “Hope” the Heart will be present for pictures with lots of kisses, The Carolina Beach Fire Department is bringing ‘Big Red’ for the children to see and don’t forget lots and lots of hearts and bubbles.  And Raffles—did I mention those?  And what prizes we have!!!  There will also be a donation box for food/money for the children of Carolina Beach Elementary School.  Won’t you come and Run/Walk/ Relay or Roll for Hunger?  Sign up @ or email us at: heartofhoperun Teams are 4 for $50.00 so everyone can afford to help! God bless you all!Thank you for the outpouring of support.