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Newly Published author & Former Ashley High School Student Nicholas White

By: Elise Heglar
Staff Writer

Newly published author Nicholas White did not always plan on writing a book. As a high school student, he was not big on reading or writing. During his junior year, Nicholas found himself writing down ideas and observations about high school during his day. Towards the end of his junior year in high school, Nicholas told one of his teachers that he would publish a book before he graduated college. Thanks to a good idea, a lot of work and some help from his mother, Nicholas is making that promise come true. Forever in Carolina was just published this year. Nicholas has been working on his book since his senior year of high school. He credits the publishing of his novel largely to his mother, who started an editing business earlier this year.
“Seeing all the people she was working with on a daily basis, I realized it was possible to get it published,” Nicholas said. Forever in Carolina follows a high school student dealing with the aftermath of his brother’s death and using football as a coping mechanism. While the book is not based on a true story, Nicholas admits that many of the elements in the story were taken from his personal experiences.
“I pulled a lot from my experiences in high school; friendships and relationships that I had,” Nicholas said.
Nicholas chose to write about high school because he enjoyed his experiences as a student and wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the genre of young adult novels.
“A lot of young adult novels these days are written by older people. There’s nothing wrong with that, but my high school experience just happened and it’s fresh in my mind. I want to offer that perspective,” Nicholas said. Writing about high school was fun for Nicholas. He cherished writing about things that reminded him of his times in high school because he genuinely enjoyed his experiences there.
“High school is kind of unique. It has a lot of innocent emotions,” Nicholas said.
One of the main relationships in the book is the one between the main character and his best friend. Nicholas said this friendship is largely autobiographical. “The relationship of the main character and his best friend is very similar to the relationship I had with my best buddy growing up,” Nicholas said. While Nicholas enjoyed writing the novel, he found the editing process to be a difficult one. He worked with his material a lot before deciding on a finished project and said he had at least three different drafts of the full book. “You spend a lot of time as a writer working with the story, and it can be hard to let go of some stuff that you may really personally enjoy,” Nicholas said. Although Nicholas is not originally from the island, he has been visiting since he was a child with his family. He often spends time at his grandmother’s house in Carolina Beach and was influenced by his experiences there while writing Forever in Carolina. “In a subtle way, I guess it was influenced by the experiences I had here. We have always come here as a family and spent time together here. The beach symbolizes family to me,” Nicholas said.