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Student of the Week: Ashley High School Senior Dana DiGioia has had a Busy High School

By: Elise Heglar
Staff Writer

With senior year of high school comes a lot of difficult choices. Ashley High School senior Dana DiGioia is currently trying to work out some of those decisions for herself. With the potential to attend North Carolina State University or the Savannah College of Art and Design, Dana is working to decide exactly what she wants to do after graduation.
Currently, Dana is leaning towards pursuing a career in art, preferably animation. She has taken several art courses at Ashley and even won awards for her work. Most recently, she was recognized with three Gold Key awards in a scholastic art competition. There were 2,000 submissions total in the competition, which was a regional contest.
“Art is something that comes pretty natural to me. The thought of doing that as my career sounds very appealing to me,” Dana said.
Dana is currently taking advanced placement art at Ashley and said she enjoys working on different projects and constantly learning new skills. In addition to her interest in art, Dana has also considered pursuing a career as a veterinarian. For her senior project, she shadowed a veterinarian at Pine Valley Animal Hospital and enjoyed the work so much that she began going back on her own time to volunteer.
“It was a really great learning experience; I did everything from sweeping up hair on the floor to looking at the vet while they worked. I started going on my own time because I like it so much,” Dana said.
It was her love for the work at the animal hospital that led Dana to apply to N.C. State. State is known for having a very strong veterinarian school and Dana said that, should she choose to go there, that is what she plans to study. Her decision about college mostly hinges on financial aid, but Dana is optimistic that she will have a good experience anywhere she goes.
Dana is also an athlete; this year, she participated in swim team, cross-country and track.
This was her first year on the swim team and Dana said that while she was new to the sport, she had a great experience with the team and the coach. “It was really fun. I wasn’t great, but my coach was really nice,” Dana said.
Dana said she is really enjoying being on the track team this season because it is such a big change from cross-country. While she has run cross-country all throughout high school, this is her first year on the track team.
“It’s a much shorter distance, so it goes by a lot faster,” Dana said. We at the Gazette wish Dana luck with all her future endeavors.