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Abbott Press Releases New Bible Study by Julie B Cosgrove

On February 18, 2012 Abbot press released a new Bible study by Christian author, writer and speaker Julie Cosgrove entitled Between the Window and the Door: Seeking God's Purpose in the in-between times. It is available in eBook and paperback. The paperback version is a workbook sized 8.5x11 with plenty of room for notes and responses to the reflective questions at the end of each lesson.
"I always heard when God closes a door, He opens a window. Until it happened to me, I thought it was a simultaneous act," explains author Julie B. Cosgrove. "But, most times it isn't that way for a reason. There are lessons to be learned as you sit and wait. We have two choices-to panic or to pray. I have done both."
The book has two parts. The first looks at everyday life examples and how God can speak through them. The author relates to GPS's, artichokes and even her cats as lesson-giving devices. The second part takes well known stories in order of their appearance in the Bible and shows how, in each case, the people caught in transition learned valuable lessons. "The most valuable one is that God is there in the transition room with you," the author states. "There is a great deal of comfort in that fact."
This Bible study came out of a women's retreat the author did right after she was widowed. At the time, Julie says life events had slammed the door on her life. She hopes this study will help others cope with change, because life is defined by transitions. She further explains the study is designed for groups, either adults or teenagers. However, individuals may get benefits from answering the reflective questions and doing the study on their own. Between the Window and the Door is the third Bible study by author Julie B. Cosgrove in the last four years, but the first to be printed by Abbott Press. The author also has a heat warming and at time humorous novel, which was released this month as well, entitled Focused about an empty nest couple rediscovering life after kids and parents. For more information , visit her website at www.juliebcosgrove.com or her author page on Amazon.com and Facebook.