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Carolina Beach Parks & Rec Hosts Egg Hunt

Staff Writer

This past Saturday, April 7th hundreds gathered at Mike Chapel Park for the Carolina Beach Recreation Center’s Annual Easter Egg Dash. The Easter Bunny always makes his arrival in style and this year he did not disappoint when he showed up in a Red Hotz Beach Car.  Instantaneously the Easter Bunny was surrounded by little ones waiting for their chance to get a fuzzy hug, high five or hand shake. After a few quick pictures it was time for the HUNT! Children lined up waiting for the signal to begin collecting eggs as fast as they could. Once the whistle was blown it took just under sixty seconds to collect the almost three thousand Easter Eggs.
Some eggs contained a number where the winner received a prize from the prize table.  Following the Egg Hunt attendees enjoyed festive games including an potato sack race egg decorating and more. Some children made a b-line straight to the Park where they road the swings, slid down the slides and enjoyed each others company.
Special thanks to the Carolina Beach Park and Rec Committee for making the event possible, all the families who attended Red Hotz Beach Car Rentals for giving the Bunny a ride and last but not least, to the Easter Bunny whom without there would have been a lot less smiles.