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Carolina Beach Police Beat: CBES Student Winners

3rd grader Gabby Greer (center) with committee member Randy Simon (right) and others during a recognition event at Carolina Beach Elementary.

Carolina Beach Police Advisory Cmt.

CAROLINA BEACH - The Carolina Beach Police and Police Advisory Committee recently concluded its annual writing competition for students at the Carolina Beach Elementary School.  This year, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders were requested to draw and title a picture that represented the theme, “What Do the Police Do for You?”.  3rd, 4th and 5th graders were asked to write a composition on the theme “Why Do We Need Laws?”.
A combined committee reviewed the over 125 entries and were impressed with the quality and determined work put forth by the students. 
Two winners were selected and representatives present from Target Department Stores provided $25 gift cards to each winning student.
The 2nd grade student from Ms Boos class selected as having created the winning picture was Madeline Eckler.  Her picture with the title “Police Keep Us Safe!” was deemed the best representing the theme.
The 3rd grade student, from Mr. Harwood’ class, selected as submitting the best composition was Gabby Greer.  Her theme on Why We Need Laws is reproduced below.  The CBPD and the CBPAC would like to thank the staff and students  at CBES as well as Target for making this year’s contest a success.  We look forward to next year’s event.
Why We Need Laws
By Gabby Greer, 3rd grade CBES
“The reason Carolina Beach needs laws because people need to be safe and the community will not be exposed to threating people.  Laws provide safety by telling people to not sell drugs at school and along highways.  Laws make sure citizens are doing the same thing as not going on a red light, no stealing, not doing illegal things like selling drugs at places you should not.  Laws make speed limits.  If you facture these laws you will have to face the consequences.
We need ordinances because people need to work hard to not do the things that are wrong like using drugs, acohol and robbing place.
We need regulashtinos so our neighborhood is safe like telling people not to go on other peoples properites.
We need laws to make sure that students are safe in school.  We need statutes because we need to be healthy and safe.  If we did not have laws everything would go immoral in Carolina Beach and people will get hurt.  We need laws because laws help us do the right thing as we grow up.  The reason we need laws because they keep us on task of doing the right thing.
The reason we need laws for the community to listen to them and do them so nothing wrong that can detriment someone.  We need laws because they keep us on track in our community.  We also need laws to keep us in order.  Laws help us from doing bad things.
We need laws to us in line in different places in Carolina.
We also need laws to make sure that school are teaching the best teachers to do their best job so children are learning enough knowledge to get in college.
We need school laws to make sure they are smart to past the grades.  People need laws to help people do the right thing in school.
Firefighter, Police and hospitals need laws so people are safe.
Laws help people be safer in communities.
Laws are making sure police are doing their jobs so a person does not drink and drive or get drunk and drive.   Also make sure firefighters are doing their best job to save people’s lives.  Laws make sure hospitals do their job correctly.  So they can save sick people and they sick people’s lives.”
The next meeting of the CB Police Advisory Committee will be conducted on Monday, May 7th at 7PM in the CB Police Training Room, at the rear of Town Hall.  Residents are invited to bring their concerns to the meeting.