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Fort Fisher 2325 Honors Veterans

The Fort Fisher #2325 Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy honored two Vietnam Veterans with “Crosses of Military Service,” the highest honor the daughters can bestow. The event was held Sunday, May 13th at the Federal Point History Center.
Master Sgt. John E. Nelms, Sr., a retired Carolina Beach staff member and landscaper for the History Center’s grounds, had in attendance both of his sons, one Army and one Air Force, and Mrs. Nelms.
Sgt. Robert Maffitt is the great grandson of the famous Blockade Runner Capt. John Newland Maffitt of the CSS Florida, Albemarle and Owl Ships. Miss Savannah C. Batson, Recorder of Military Service Awards, presented the men, and Mrs. Patricia Gray W. Bolander, Chapter President, bestowed the Crosses.
The Ceremony ended with a small reception. Please congratulate these Veterans whenever you see them.
Their service to our Country is outstanding.