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Cape Fear Museum Wins Exhibit Award for Toys and Games

This past Tuesday, Cape Fear Museum won a Certificate of Commendation for the exhibition Toys and Games at the Southeastern Museums Conference (SEMC) annual meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia. Toys and Games was curated, designed and fabricated in-house and on display from April 27-September 9, 2012.
 It featured a selection of the Museum’s collection of over 900 toys and games, organized by “Play, Create, Imagine” zones with entertaining images from the collection, bright wall colors, and corresponding graphics. Six “Science Matters” wheels were designed to explore scientific principles of play. Hands-on and minds-on interactives such as a multi-sided tops table, oversized magnetic wall, museum-made ball run and benches with built-in sliding puzzles fostered play and learning in a space for all ages. Exhibitions submitted to the SEMC Exhibition Competition are judged in the areas of design and fabrication, exhibit publications, education and evaluation programs and the ability of the exhibit to support the museum’s mission or goals. The Southeastern Museums Conference is a networking organization that serves to foster professionalism, mutual support and communication.
A nonprofit membership association, SEMC strives to increase educational and professional development opportunities and improve the interchange of ideas, information and cooperation. SEMC focuses on the Southeastern United States, including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Puerto Rico & the U.S. Virgin Islands.

November/December Programs

Learning Center - In the Learning Center on Saturdays, the whole family can conduct experiments, explore artifacts, play fun games, and create exciting tools and toys to take home. Parental participation is required.
• November – Cape Fear Indians - Dates: Saturday, November 24 from 1-4 PM for All Ages. Fee: Free for members or with Museum admission. Who were the first inhabitants of the Lower Cape Fear region? Examine local Native American pot shards and make your own clay pot to take home. Learn about Cape Fear Indians’ early hunting and fishing. Make shell jewelry and play a Native American game.
• December – Explore the Civil War - Dates: Saturday, December 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 from 1-4 PM for All ages. Fee: Free for members or with Museum admission. What was life like in the 1860’s? Investigate the contents of a Civil War soldier’s haversack and consider how the items compare to your own daily life needs. Try on reproduction Civil War clothing and play a Blockade Runner board game.
• Cape Fear Skies - 3-2-1-Blast off! Cape Fear Skies offers your family a realistic planetarium experience the third Sunday of each month. Venture into outer space as you hear mythical tales and explore stars, planets, and more.  Parental participation is required.
• December- Earth, Moon, and Sun. Date: Sunday, December 16, Times:  1:30, 2:30 & 3:30 PM. For all ages. Fee: Free for members or with Museum admission. Explore how Earth, the moon, and the sun work together to create eclipses, moon phases, and more.
• Grown-up Game Night - Date: Friday, December 7 from 7-10:00 PM. Fee: $5 for members; $7 for non-members. Take a break from holiday shopping and get your game on! Try your hand at new and old favorites—from Battleship to Spades to brand new games. Admission includes access to great games (instructions if needed!), snacks and drinks, and a visit to the Museum’s galleries.