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Kure Memorial Lutheran Welcomes New Pastor

The congregation of Kure Memorial Lutheran Church located at 117 N Third St, Kure Beach is pleased to announce the calling of Pastor Dan Keck as their new pastor effective October 28, 2012. Pastor Keck answered the call from St. John Lutheran in Port Clinton, Ohio where he was the associate pastor serving in youth ministry as well as serving as mission developer for their satellite ministry, St. John @ the Bay on South Bass Island on Lake Erie. Pastor Keck has had the unique experience with developing programs in communities where the population fluctuates with the incoming of summer residents and visitors while sustaining the church’s mission during the off-season.
Kure Memorial Lutheran partnered with Agapé+Kure Beach Ministries earlier this year.  Part of the vision is to bring more of an awareness of the Kure Beach Lutheran Center and its accessibility to the community as well as providing opportunities for the residents of the community to experience what the retreat center is all about.   Agapé+Kure Beach Ministries, located south of the Kure Beach pier along S Ft. Fisher Blvd, is owned and operated by 240 Lutheran congregations of the NC Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.
“People are the center of the community,” stated Pastor Keck. “And the beach is such a wonderful place to worship and offers a much needed retreat.” One of the exciting additions to the ministry at the Kure Beach Retreat center will be a beach worship service in which the entire community will be invited to participate.  He is also interested in starting a children’s ministry for elementary age students. Kure Memorial also holds a Wednesday morning Chapel for children attending the Kure Memorial Lutheran preschool.
Pastor Keck graduated from Winebrenner Theological Seminary in Findlay, OH and Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, OH. Becoming a pastor is his second career. He received the calling after working as a landscape architect. He and his wife, Chris, began working with the youth of the church they attended, and he realized his heart and passion was with serving God through serving in youth ministry.
Joined by his wife, Chris (Christina), twin daughters Colleen and Heather, and their son, Andro, the Kecks have settled into the church’s parsonage. The twins are sophomores at Ashley High School and their son is a 6th grader at Murray Middle School. Colleen and Heather have both joined the school’s swim team and Heather plans to be a pole vaulter on the track team. Andro loves fishing and golf. They Kecks have another daughter, Lindsey, who is attending NY University. While living in Port Clinton, Chris worked as a teacher at a community college teaching developmental education classes.
Kure Memorial Lutheran Church was first built in 1947 from army barracks and was a non-denominational, community church. In 1950, it became a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and has since built its foundation on serving the needs of the community and by offering a special place of worship for visitors to the area.
Kure Memorial Lutheran Church is located at 117 N Third St, Kure Beach. They offer Christian Education services for all ages at on Sunday morning at 9:00 with Sunday morning worship service at 10:00, followed with a fellowship hour at 11:00 a.m. They also have a preschool program that is available for children between the ages of two to four. For more information, contact the office at (910) 458-5266.

458-5266 • 112 North 3rd Ave. • Kure Beach, NC 28449