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Happy 70th Wedding Anniversary!

Dec 12th, 2012 is a huge date for Jay W. and Hazel G. Heglar.  On this day 70 years ago at the ages of 17 and 18, they married. They went to York, South Carolina across the state line to elope. Within a few weeks of returning home, Jay found out that he would be shipping out with the U.S. Navy at the end of February. 
While Jay (nicknamed DUB) was serving in the Pacific, Hazel was at home working on the family farm and the local mill just outside of Mooresville.
When the war was finally over, Dub and Hazel were together once again. They welcomed their first child, Harold Heglar. A year later, Dubs’ mother had property and was running an ocean front hotel in Kure Beach. It was located where the Lutheran Retreat is now located. Heglar’s Motel was a popular place with many family and friends from the Charlotte, Salisbury and Mooresville area coming to share their love of the ocean.
It didn’t take long for them to call Kure Beach home, starting back in 1945 before the incorporation of the town. Hazel worked at a glove factory and various restaurants. She was a great seamstress and known for making more than a few wedding dresses and other outfits for family members; even her Great Granddaughters have worn her fashions with pride. Dub found work with the Heglar Motel and worked moving houses and other various jobs. When Hurricane Hazel arrived in 1954 it took much of the ocean front properties, including the Heglar family business. It was not easy. By then, Hazel and Dub had had their second child, Jerry Heglar. With a 3 year old and a new born, being without a home due to the storm simply wouldn’t do.  Dub moved 2 houses off the north end for someone and was told that he could have one of them. He took that deal with a smile and to this day it is the home they live in.  There is a lot that can and has been said about this fine couple, but the one thing that comes to mind for all of us in the family is that they have a true respect and deep love for each other.
Most remember Hazel for when she owned and ran the Ocean View Restaurant; to this day her cooking is still talked about. Dub retired from the town as the public works director.   Now both retired and live a quiet life. Hazel still cooking and Dub is well known for his garden. The pair pass their days with each other even more in love now than they were 70 years ago. So from your Children, Grandsons and all of your Great Grandchildren, we thank you for being the example you are to all of us. Living by example by putting faith, family and friends first in your life. We as a family have been made better by your love and support. We are better people due to your example and we love you so much. Happy 70th Anniversary!